Vidyanjali-School Volunteer programme in AP Schools

Vidyanjali - School Volunteer programme in AP Schools

Vidyanjali - School Volunteer programme in AP Schools: AP SSA, Rc.No.1035,Dated:14-06-2016:: Subject: AP-SSA Pedagogy- "Vidyanjali - School Volunteer programme" piloting in 100 Government Schools in Andhra Pradesh - Instructions issued - Regarding. Ref: Deputy Secretary's Procs. F.No.20-2/2016-EE.17, Department of School Education & Literacy, MHRD, Government of India, dt: 25th April, 2016.

Vidyanjal - School Volunteer programme,co-scholastic activities,implementation

It has been decided that "Vidyanjali - School Volunteer programme", flagship programme of MHRD, GoI to be implemented in Andhra Pradesh in 100 schools across 13 district (on pilot-basis).

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In this regard, guidelines have been framed for "Vidyanjali - School Volunteer programme" which aims to enhance community and private sector involvement in co-scholastic activities of government run elementary schools and it includes strengthening implementation of co-scholastic activities in government schools through services of volunteers. Through this initiative people are from Indian Diaspora, retired government officials / defence personnel / retired professionals / teachers / faculty, young professionals & Women's are home makers can volunteer at a school that request for one.

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It is suggested to consider these guidelines and adopt the same in government schools. The Project Officers of their districts are suggested to identify volunteers in urban and rural areas for piloting the programme in 100 government schools. The eligibility, qualifications, list of activities, duration of the programme, selection procedure, role of volunteer in schools for the "Vidyanjali - School Volunteer" programme are provided in the guidelines. The guidelines and the list of 102 government schools are herewith enclosed.

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All the District Project Officers, SSA in the state should develop a plan of action for the said programme and conduct the orientation programme for all MEO's at district level, as well as circulars have to be issued for inviting volunteers. All, District Project Officers, SSA are requested to update the status of the programme regularly to this office-submit quarterly reports school wise promptly without fail.

Vidyanjali-School Volunteer programme in AP Schools
List of schools identified (100) for vidyanjali programme (state wide)
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