English Audio Lessons for School Children,Online Audio Material for Schools

English Audio Lessons for School Children, Online Audio Material for Schools

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English Audio Lessons,Online Audio Material,AP TS Schools
The Use of Online CD Material in the Classroom:
English has become an inevitable component of our life. Though English is more used by the urban population, the people in the countryside also want their children to have English education. Taking this as an advantage, the private English medium schools have come up everywhere.

As far as the government schools are concerned, English medium has been introduced with an aim to make the students proficient in English, because it helps the students to become independent users of the language which is now the most useful tool for national and international communication.

In the process much focus is laid on introducing English right from the first class in the primary schools. For the first time, a revolutionary step has been taken by the government of AP by producing and introducing online audio materials for the primary school children.

The online audio material consists of rhymes and songs of the newly developed primary level English text books. The rhymes and songs are sweetly tuned according to the level and taste of the students. A team of six teachers has worked hard on these materials. Besides the rhymes and songs, some portions of the texts have been read out by practicing teachers.

Salient features of the online audio material:
1. The online audio material consists of all 8 units of classes from I to V.
2. Part-A is a rhyme/poem/song.
The new words of each poem are read in the beginning and then it is sung with sweet, catchy and easy tunes.
3. Part-B
The text is read for the convenience of the teachers and students. The important or the key words are read with correct pronunciation and stress. Later the sentences are also read clearly. The teacher can use the material a number of times and make the children acquire correct pronunciations of words, besides their meanings. The teacher can also make use of the materials to effect better comprehension.
4. Part-C
It consists of reading cards and listening inputs. It can be used as best tool for listening. For the first and second classes both mother tongue and English are used simultaneously. For Classes IV and V, the material is in English only.

When online audio material is used the following effects can be seen.
1. It makes knowledge clear through ears and the learning becomes as real as possible and gives first hand and fresh experience.
2. It makes learning experience more concrete and effective, more realistic and dynamic.
3. It helps enhance teachers’ skills which help to make teaching-learning process effective and conceptual
4. It makes learners active in the classroom.
5. It makes students good observers of the language.
6. It creates interest in different groups.
7. It supports the teachers in their daily classroom activities.
8. It helps to manage the over burdened classrooms by sustaining interest in the students.
9. It provides students realistic approach and experience.
10. It provides accuracy and also beautiful and effective pronunciation, stress and intonation.
11. The rhymes and songs make the children feel happy, enthusiastic and English- friendly. And it makes the students own the language within a short span and thereby help them become good users of the English language.
12. It makes the teachers feel further free and helpful.

Instructions for the teachers:
1. The online audio materials can be used as an effective tool as often as the need is felt.
2. Usually the material becomes more effective and useful after the teacher’s activity.
3. The rhymes and songs can be played in the beginning itself so as to make the students learn them enthusiastically.
4. The rhymes or songs should be played a good number of times to make the students feel the mood of the theme of the unit.
5. After the students become familiarized with the rhyme or song, they get it internalized.
6. After they own the rhyme or song, they can go for choreography spontaneously. And if the teachers give them support, they enjoy and they can remember their performance for ever.
7. The reading of online audio material is like a model reading which caters to the needs of the students to achieve good pronunciation, accent, intonation and intelligibility. So, the classroom teacher can take the support of these online audio materials and can make the classroom a language lab too.
8. The online audio material can be used repeatedly for good comprehension.

A good use of the audio materials can make our classrooms great places of learning and enjoyment.

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