Orientation to INSPIRE awardees,Guide teachers on Inspire Projects

Orientation to INSPIRE awardees,Guide teachers on Inspire Projects

Orientation to INSPIRE awardees,Guide teachers on Inspire Projects: SCERT Telangana is going to conduct the Orientation to Students And Guide Teachers on INSPIRE Project for Implementation INSPIRE Award Scheme. In this subject, INSPIRE project activities schedule has been communicated to all District Educational Officials. As a part of the INSPIRE award Scheme, SCERT officials have requested to all the DEOs to organize a orientation programme to all the 2016 INSPIRE Awardees and Guide teachers at divisional level. Certain guidelines have been issued to conducting of the orientation programme improve the quality of exhibits.

Orientation to INSPIRE awardees,Guide teachers on Inspire Projects
Proceedings Details:
1. Proceedings Rc.No.440
2. Issued Date: 30-07-2016
3. Issued by: SCERT Telangana

4. References:
1) D.O.No. 12011/72/2016-INSPIRE, Dt. 3-6-2016 issued by the Joint Secretary to Govt. of India, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.
2) Proc. R.c.No. 440/Sci/SCERT-TS/2016, Dt. 11-7-2016 of this office.

5. Proceeding Subject:
Implementation INSPIRE Award Scheme - conduct of orientation to students and guide teachers on INSPIRE Project

INSPIRE project Activities Conducting Schedule:
The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the reference 2nd cited above, the scheduled has been communicated on conduct of INSPIRE project activities in the districts. The part of the schedule is as follows.
1. Identification of Mentoring Institutions /Persons 15-7-2016- District level
2. Tagging of Mentors / Mentor Institutes From 15th July 2016
to schools and consultation process
to till conduct of between Mentors, mentor teachers and district level
students exhibition.
3 Orientation to all the awardees and 18-7-2016 Divisional guide teachers
4. Abstract of the Project write-ups to be 30-7-2016 District obtained from award students by the
District teams

Guidelines for Conduct of INSPIRE Projects Orientation
The following are the guidelines to be followed in conducting of the orientation programme improve the quality of exhibits.
1. Identification of mentors from the list communicated by the SCERT or any other Research Institute/ University/Professional colleges {Medical college, Engineering college, Polytechnic, ITI, lllT)/ Industries/ NGOs/ Individuals who had expertise and has experience in organizing Science related activities and who are willing to help the students in developing the Inspire projects.
2. The Dy. DEOs, concerned HMs and guide teachers shall take lead in coordinating with the above said mentors and arrange the formal and informal meetings with students for taking technical advice in developing the inspire projects.
3. Effort should be made to rope the identified Mentors in the orientation programme in sufficient number @ 30 exhibits per mentor.
4. The orientation shall be in the form of workshop.
5. Make sure that all the awardees should come to workshop with their exhibits.
6. As per the subject background, the mentors shall be tagged to the students.
7. The orientation shall be conducted in two sessions i.e morning session (9.30 am to
12.30 pm) and afternoon session (1.30 pm to 4.30 pm) @15 students per mentor in the morning session and @15 students per mentor in the afternoon session subject wise.
8. Depending on the number of Inspire awardees attending orientation, the participants shall be made into two batches. The first batch will attend the morning session and the afternoon batch will attend the afternoon session.
9. The identified mentors will interact with the students of two batches on one to one basis.
10. Basically the orientation will be the interaction between the Mentors, inspire awardees and their guide teachers. The interaction will be focused on the development of the Inspire project, for technical advice, and to ensure the project is based on scientific principle, innovative and has utility value.
11. The advice of the mentors shall be availed by the respective Institutions whenever, wherever necessary. Hence the contact numbers, email address may be collected and communicated to the participating schools. It is desirable that the Dy.E.Os and concerned HM and guide teacher shall keep in touch with the Mentors till the end of the District level and State level Exhibitions.
12. Efforts should be made to complete the orientation programme at the divisional level or at the district level (wherever less number of participants is there) by 2nd week of August, 2016. The schedule of the orientation programme shall be communicated to SCERT in advance by all the districts. Therefore all the DEOs may be given top priority to the above said orientation programme.
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Orientation to INSPIRE awardees,Guide teachers on Inspire Projects
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