Guidelines to implement Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan(RAA) in TS AP Schools

Guidelines to implement Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan(RAA) in TS AP Schools
Certain guidelines to DEOs, DPOs, Principals of DIETs, AMOs and MEOs to implement Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) Programme in PS and UP Schools. MHRD has launched Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) throughout the country in primary to higher secondary schools in pursuance of the focus on connecting school based knowledge to life outside the school making learning of science, mathematics a joyful meaningful activity and to bring focus on innovation and use of technology.

Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) Programme,HMs Role, Science and Maths Teachers Role

The aim of this programme is to leverage the potential for science, mathematics and technology learning in school, classroom settings as well as non school settings. That means to develop interest in children towards science, math and technology (SMT) from a very young age that is class I onwards and encourage those children who show an inclination and talent for the subjects to be encouraged and supported to heights of academic excellence and research.

Role of DEOs, DPOs, Principals of DIETs, AMOs and MEOs:
Apart from looking into the implementation part of RAA at school level, DEOs, DPOs, principals of DIETs, AMOs and MEOs may plan innovatively for their district. In that process they can plan the following
1. Workshops for teachers at various levels, school complex level, mandal level, divisional level and district level on
a. Making Science lab functional and developing maths lab.
b. Proper use of lab facilities.
c. Integrating teaching learning process with lab experiments.
d. Project based learning
e. Modeling in Science and Mathematics

2. Identify all best science and mathematics teachers of your district and make a list.
3. Identify NGOs and voluntary organizations who are working in the field of SMT (Science, Mathematics and Technology).
4. Make a list of eminent personalities who worked in the field of science and technology.
5. Make list of government science and technology institutions situated in your district. Send these lists to SPO, SSA office.
6. The DPOs have to play a lead role in seeking the assistance of such institutes as mentors to support in nurturing the identified schools as incubators of innovation.
7. Constitution of teacher forums on science, Mathematics and Technology at district level.
8. All these activities, aspects must be reflected in practice compulsorily in identified Elementary Model Schools i.e. six Model schools in each Mandal.
9. Under Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) 10 schools (per district) that has done best in science and mathematics were selected for pilot year i.e.2015-16 and mentoring institutes to guide them were also selected in some districts. RAA is a five year project eventually extending to all schools of Telangana State by 2019-20.
10. Select 5% of Primary and Upper primary schools of your district, select mentoring institutes (Higher educational institutions) i.e. ITI s, polytechnics, engineering colleges, medical colleges, degree colleges, Universities etc. whichever is feasible in the area and attach these schools to mentoring institutes.

The specific intervention of mentoring institutes is sought in the following:
1. Mentoring of teachers
2. Mentoring of school science facility
3. Mentoring of school children by graduate students of the mentoring institutes
11. Selection criteria for the schools (Primary and Upper primary only) is all schools must be CAL schools.
Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) Programme Implementation Guidelines to AP TS Schools

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