Training to TS Teachers to improve English Language,Communication Skills


Training to TS Teachers to improve English Language, Communication Skills

Training to Govt EM Primary School Teachers to improve English Language, Communication Skills. English medium TS Schools, In-Service Training Programmes for the Teachers of English Medium Primary SchoolsSCERT Telangana, Rc.No.405,Dated:-8-2016, Imparting Training & Support to the Teachers to improve their English Language & Communication skills - Guidelines, Unit Cost and release of funds to conduct 5 day training programme at District Level - Issue of Guidelines Unit Cost - Reg. Reference: l) Govt. Memo No.7823/Prog.II/A2/2015 SE (Prog.I)Dept., dt.29-6-2016. 2) this office Proc.Rc.even No, dt.30-7-2016.

teachers training,improve English Language,Communication Skills

English language and communication skills among teachers of English medium at primary schools
Govt. Of  Telangana, Education Department: Lr.405,14-102016: With reference to the Govt. Memo cited above, English language and communication skills among teachers of English medium at primary schools are being planned and executed.Further it is informed that mandal level training have been conducted from Sep 1st week onwards at mandal level. The required budget is released to DIET Principals and they in turn transfer the budget to the MEOS. Due to Dussehra vacation and district bifurcation out of 10 district three districts i.e., Medak, Karimnagar and Khammam are not yet completed the mandal level trainings.

Hence the respective DIET Principals are requested to complete the remaining training programme immediately. The earlier training pattern holds good for the rest of training programme

The attention the all the DEOs/Principals DIETs in the state are invited to the references read above, and they are instructed to conduct a 5 day training programme to the teachers to improve their English Language & Communication skills at District Level. The selected DRGs list
must be communicated to SCERT TS Hyderabad as called for in the reference 2nd cited. reference to the Govt. Memo cited above I am to submit that the District level training  programme  with  regard  to  improve English language and  communication  skills among  teachers  of  English  medium  at  primary  schools scheduled  from   22.8.2016  to
27.8.2016 and the programme   is going on in the districts. After this, mandal level training

programme will be scheduled from September 1st  week onwards. For that no. of teachers to be trained at mandal level (30 members as one batch) and the  required budget for that
programme is calculated and shown in the table as follows:

Therefore  I    request  the  State  Project   Director,  SSA, Telangana,  Hyderabad to release the  budget  as  shown  above  to  all  the  Principals of  the  DIETs  in  the  state immediately as the training  programme at rnandal level will be scheduled from September 1st  week onwards.

Financial Guidelines for Mandal level Training
Training and support to teachers to teach in English Medium sections/schools at primary level on English language and communicative skills
UNIT COST at Mandal for 5-day training programme Mandal level : 30 participants, (3) Resource Persons & 1 Course Coordinator, Clerk (1), waterman (1) & Office Subordinator (1)
1. TA @ Rs.40 per day – 30x40x5days = 6000/-
2. Lunch @Rs. 50/- - 36x50x5 = 9000/-
3. Refreshments - 36x15x5 = 2700/-
4. Stationary 30x30 = 900/-
(Note book, pen etc.,)
5. Drinking Water @200/- per day 200x5 = 1000/-
6. Contingency = 1000/-
(including office subordinates honorarium
i.e., Rs. 250/- per the programme)
Total = 19600/-
3 RPs will train mandal level teachers in every mandal or neighbouring mandals as per the feasibility
1. TA 250x3 = 750/-
2. DA 300x3x5 = 4500/-
3. Honorarium 200x3x5 = 3000/-
4. Course Coordinator Honorarium 200x5 = 1000/-
Total = 9250/
Grand Total = 28,850/-

These are the approved financial norms by Director of School Education.

1. No. of DRGs - If the no.of teachers to be trained in a district is below 1500, 30 trainers shall act as DRGs. If the no.of teachers to be trained in a district is above 1500, 60 trainers shall be identified as DRGs.
Note: Where the schools are above thousand one RP extra may be engaged viz., Karimnagar Dist.
2. The number of participants at the training programmes at District/Mandal Level should not exceed 30 trainers in each class under any circumstances.
3. Three DRGs will act as a team and train Teachers at Mandal Level.
4. The number of spells for Mandal Level shall be planned according to the number of teachers to be trained.
5. The faculty of ELTC, DIET & SRGs shall visit the Nodal Training Programme for effective monitoring of the programmes for field level support.
6. Mandal Level training shall decide in consultation with ELTCs at the last session of training and Mandal Level. Monitoring reports must be reached to Director, SCERT TS Hyd after completion of training programme immediately.
7. The DIET Principals are the Co-ordinators for this programme.

Unit Cost- District Level Training:
for 30 Participants:
One time TA (actuals) 300 x 30 = 9,000/-
DA 300 x 30 x 5 = 45,000/-
Working Lunch 37x60x5 = 11,100/
Refreshments tea 37x20x5 = 3,700/-
Stationery 30x30 = 900/-
Drinking water@ 200/- per day 200x5 = 1,000/-
Misc.Expenditure Elec.& others = 500/-
4 RPS:
TA 300 x 4 = 1200/-
DA 300x4x5 =6000/-
Honorarium 300x4x5 = 6000/-
C.D. Honorarium 300x5 = 1500/-
The Grand Total expenditure for District Level Training is  Rs.86,900/-

Further informed that, "A Source Book' to be supplied from the Director, Text Book Press, Telangana, Hyderabad before commencement of District Level Programme based on the requirement/indent. Two teachers from each school, where English Medium Class Started in 1st Class to be trained. Trainer's package along with time-table can be mailed to the DEOs/DIET Principals in advance to this programme.

The proposed budget estimation (District as well as Mandal) may furnished to Director, SCERT, Telangana, Hyd so that the required funds may be released from the SPD, SSA, Hyderabad to DIET Principals directly as per the Govt. orders vide reference 1st cited. This has got the approval of the Director of School Education, Telangana Hyderabad.

DSE Telangana, Rc.No.405,Dated:01.07.2016; Subject: SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad - Imparting training and support to the Teachers to improve their English Language and Communication Skills - Designing the programme for the Teachers and strengthening ELTCs in the Districts to support the Teachers - Workshop from 2nd to 3rd July, 2016 at OUCIP, Hyderabad-Orders issued- Reg. Reference: Govt. Memo No.7823/Prog.IVA2/2015, Dated: 29.06.2016.

All the DIET Principals in the State are hereby informed that vide reference cited, Government have issued orders to design a training programme for the Teachers to improve their English Language and Communication Skills and implement curriculum in English Medium Schools through strengthening ELTCs in the Districts and develop District Resource Groups under ELTCs to take up training and supervise the classroom teaching.

In this regard, vide reference cited a detailed action plan need to be developed and programme need to be taken up. In this regard, it is proposed to conduct a Workshop from 2nd to 3rd July, 2016 at OUCIP, Hyderabad to discuss, design and plan for the implementation.

Therefore, all the Principals of the DIETs are requested to send all the ELTC staff members working in the DIETs to the workshop on the above dates without fail. They have to plan and implement the programme in the Districts under the DIETs.

Attendance of all the ELTC staff from each DIET is compulsory and the Commissioner & Director of School Education will attend the programme. Absenteeism will be viewed seriously and necessary action will be initiated. The TA, DA will be paid as per norms. In the Districts where ELTCs are not functional, the DIET Principals are requested to identify two efficient English School Assistants to the training programme in consultation with the DEO and send them to the workshop.

DEO Warangal, Proc.Rc.No.10101/SCERT/B8/2016 Date: 22-08-2016
Sub:- School Education - Imparting training & Support to the teachers to improve their English Language Skills- Conducting training to the teachers working in Converted English medium schools-submission of list of schools and participants-instructions - Reg.

Ref:- 1 Director, SCERT, Hyderabad Proc.RC.No 405/C&T/DSCERT/16, dated: 30.07.16 & 06.08.16.
2 Govt. Memo No. 7823/Prog. II/A215, dated: 29-06-16

In compliance with the subject and references cited, the Director, SCERT, Telangana State, Hyderabad, has issued guidelines and instructed to conduct a 05 day training programme to the teachers working in converted English Medium Primary Schools to improve their English language & Communication Skills as well as handling classes in English Medium sections.

As a part of that, 30 DRGs have been trained to impart training to the teachers working in 476 converted English Medium Primary Schools in the district.

Hence, all the Mandal Educational Officers are instructed to identify two (2) teachers from each converted English Medium school (i.e., 476 schools which were accorded permission). Priority should be given to the teachers those have not undergone training which was conducted by the ELTA. It is also informed to identify a centre/venue in your respective mandal which has projector facility to conduct trainings.

Treat this as most urgent and submit the list of participants and the details of venue identified by you on or before 26-08-2016.

READ | TS Govt DIETs ELCTs Staff Vacancies Recruitment 2016-Selection Guidelines

Training to Teachers to improve English Language,Communication Skills:
DSE Telangana - Imparting training to support to the teachers to improve their English Language & Communication Skills-Action Plan-Approved - Regarding.

From the Collector, Warangal. Lr.No.Spl/Trng/2015, dated 10.12.2015.
2 Govt. Memo.No.7823/Prog.11/2015, dated 23.05.2016.
3 From the Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad, Lr.No.405/C& T/SCERT/2016, dated 15.06.2016.

In the circumstances reported by the Director of School Education, T.S., Hyderabad in the reference 3rd cited, Government after careful examination, hereby approve the Action Plan - proposed by the Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad, TS., for undertaking In-Service Training Programmes for the Teachers of English Medium Primary Schools in all the Districts of Telangana as detailed below:

1. Establishment of English Language Training Centres (ELTCs): The establishment of EL TCs in the remaining districts of Warangal, Mahabubnagar and Ranga Reddy duly drawing qualified School Assistants in English with required Qualification and B+ Certificate from Regional Institute of English, Bangalore on deputation basis by providing Vidya Volunteer I Extra Teacher in their places or retired English Faculty may be engaged in place of the S.As. These ELTCs will function under DIET Principal as incase of other ELTCs already functioning in the State.

2. Formation of District Resource Group (District Training of Trainors): under ELTCs of DIETs. About 30 good English Teachers including Retired English Faculty may be identified and DIETs shall act as District Resource Groups, who in turn will train the Teachers at the Mandal/Divisional Level.

3. State Resource Group: The State Level Resource Group in English working under SCERT, consists of members who are Text Book Writers, Trainers at State Level, Teacher Educators, Retired Faculty in English etc., and they may be deputed to monitor the District Resource Groups. This Group can be further expanded also.

4. Nature and Contents of Training Programme:
The Training Programmes proposed for the Teachers to implement the Curriculum in English as medium of Instruction, has to focus on English Language communication skills and transaction of Mathematics in English from Class I onwards and Environmental Studies from Class
III onwards. The classroom communication strategies need to be focused on. A State Level Workshop may be conducted duly involving Experts from Textbook Editors, State Resource Group Members. Representatives from English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) and Regional Institute of English (RIE) to design appropriate Programmes keeping in view the existing Training Material, Handbooks, Textbooks, etc.

5. Capacity Building .of ELTCs and District Resource Groups (DRGs) in the Districts:
A 15 day Training Programme to the DRGs including ELTCs in three spells at State/Regional level by the State Level Resource Group under SCERT, shall be organized. These District TOTs shall in turn conduct the Training Programmes for the Teachers for English Medium Schools at Mandal/ Divisional Level for the effective transaction of curriculum in English. These DRGs will act as Trainers and as well as take up follow-up action with School visits and provide on job support to the Teachers in the English Medium classrooms.

6. Material Development: A Teacher Handbook with appropriate activities reflecting both English language communication skills and subject specific transactions in case of non-language subjects has to be developed. "The Training Design i.e., number of sessions and session-wise topics have to be identified. A Trainer's Manual has to be developed by the SCERT.

7. Monitoring & Assessment of Curriculum Transaction in English Medium Classrooms: The State & District Resource Groups shall visit the English Medium Schools and observe the Classroom Teaching and provide on job support by way of demonstration and other support.

8. Funds & Expenditure: The expenditure towards all types of Orientations to the Teachers and Field Functionaries will be met from the SSA Funds under the Training component.

9. Networking and Collaboration: Expert Institutions like EFLU, RIE, British Council, Textbook Editors from the Universities will be invited for the Training Design, Material Development and. TOT Orientation Programmes. . Necessary honorarium, travel and accommodation charges will be paid as per norms from the Training component in the Budget.

This Programme has to start with a State level Workshop to discuss and design appropriate Trainings for both Trainers and Teachers along with the nature of follow up and monitoring at the School Level. Once the design is finalized, appropriate Teachers' Handbooks, Trainers Package and other material shall be developed and this is to be followed by training of DRGs and ELTCs of the Districts.

A clear Schedule for the Training of both DRGs and Teachers shall be developed. Initially two Teachers from each of the Primary / Upper Primary Schools where English medium has been started shall be trained. The entire planning for the Training Programmes, implementation and monitoring at District level shall be from the EL TCs of the respective Districts. A Training Needs Assessment of the Teachers to transact the lessons in English language for English Medium shall also be conducted to know the extent of the problem.

The Director of School Education, TS., Hyderabad I Director, SCERT, TS., is, therefore, requested to take necessary action, accordingly under intimation to the Government at the earliest.
Training and support to teachers to teach in English Medium sections/ schools at primary level on English language and communicativeskills

Instructions to all the DEOs and DIET Principals in the state
1. DEOs are the overall supervisors of this programme. DEOs and DIET Principals together plan for Manda! level training and conduct a meeting with MEOs to
guide them on this programme.

2. AMOs of SSA, DIET faculty, ELTC and SRG members of English will monitor the mandal level training programme meticulously: Proceedings will be issued by SAMO SSA, Hyderabad in this regard.

3. Manda! level training programme coordinator is concerned mandal MEO.

4. The budget directly released from SPD office to DIET Principals accounts.

5. DIET Principals inturn released mandal level budget to MEOs as per mandal level training norms based on their mandal level planning.

6. A Source books' of English dispatched to DIETs. DIET Principals and Dy.Eos together inturn plan to dispatch the required no. of books and make sure they should reach to MRC before training starts and maintain dispatch register.

7. Training programme scheduled from l5t week of September 2016 onwards as per your schedule which planned in your district level training.

8. Documentation must be reached to D'SCERT after immediate completion of the programme (batch wise).

9. After completion of the mandal level training for the released amount must be settled within 10 days from MEOs to DIET Principals and inturn to SPD Office of Telangana.

10. Based on the feedback of the training a reflective report should be furnished to the Director, SCERT through mail without fail. The MEOs are held responsible for entire training programme at their mandal and to take care of fulfilment of the objectives of the training.

Training to Teachers to improve English Language,Communication Skills

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  1. Nothing has happened so far. No English Language Centres are established in Ranga Reddy , Medak and Mahabubnagar districts. Worst in mahabubnagar is the closure of the English Language Training Centre



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