Vandemataram Foundation Orientation programme to TS schools from 30th September

Vandemataram Foundation Orientation programme to TS schools from 30th September: Basic Maths-Reading Habits, Games, Arts, Culture Prgramme to TS Students, Vandemataram Foundation Orientation Programme to TS Schools students, VMF training programme to ts schools children. DSE, SSA PD Telangana, Rc. No.91, dt.28.09.2016: SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad - Orientation on a programme of improving basic skills of Mathematics, developing reading habits among students and implementation of Games, art and cultural activities (Bala Sabha) in the schools from 30th September to 8th October 2016 at Akshara Vanam, Kalvakurthy, Mahabubnagar District and other places by Vandemataram Foundation- Sending selected children and teachers for the training - Orders issued.

Vandemataram Foundation Orientation programme to TS schools from 30th September
Orientation Program for Improving Basic Maths, Reading Habits & Life Skills organised by Vandemataram Educational Research & Training Centre, Aksharavanam

Ref: Meeting with office bearers from Vandemataram Foundation, Dt. 23.09.2016.

All the DEOs in the State are hereby informed that, the Vandemataram Foundation conducted training on basic skills of Mathematics language and Art & Craft for the children and students of 20 schools per district in the State of Telangana during August and September 2016 at Aksharavanam.

Based on the feedback from the Headmasters, teachers, students and supervisory officers it is proposed to conduct training to remaining schools in a phased manner. In this regard it is proposed to conduct a 10-day programme from 30th September to 8th October 2016 at Aksharavanam and other places as given here under.

The center wise allocation of districts along with names of the schools and no. of children are enclosed here with. The DEOs are requested to inform to the school Headmasters through Dy.E.Os and MEOs and see that all the children from the schools as per the list must attend the training at the respective venues. The DEOs have to monitor seriously so as to reach all the children to the venue on the 30th Sep. 2016 at 10.00 AM.

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Following is the involvement of teachers in training at AksharaVanam from each of the 20 schools from each district.
• The PETs and PD shall bring the children from their schools to the training center on 301h September 2016 at 10.00 AM.
• The Maths teacher from each school shall attend on 81h October 2016 and get back the children to the school.
• The travel charges to the students and teachers will be from available school funds to meet the bus charges and will be reimbursed at the training venue. It is a residential training programme.
Therefore, all the DEOs in the State are requested to depute teachers and students as above to the training programme. The list of schools and number of children per district is enclosed along with the name of the training center.

The POs of Mahabubnagar, Nizamabad, Karimnagar districts are requested to inform the Principals of KGBVs of Veldanda, Mahabubnagar dist., KGBV, Konaraopet, Karimangar dist., KGGV of Almaspur of Karimangar dist to provide  KGBV schools as venues to conduct the training programme and facilitate both boarding and lodging facilities.

The required amount towards meeting the expenditure for training programme will be released to the concerned POs from the SPD, SSA. In case of venues i.e. Aksharavanam, Kalvakurthy, KGBV, Veldanda of Mahabubnagar district, Nithin Bhavan, Thorrur, Warangal district the Vandemataram Foundation shall take up all boarding & lodging facilities and the required amounts as per the norms will be. released to the POs of Mahabubnagar, Warangal to meet the expenditure as per the norms.

In case of training venue at Model School, Sadashiv nagar the Principal shall arrange for boarding and lodging facilities to the students and the required amounts will be released to the Principal. The Principal Model School, Konaraopet is instructed to provide venue to the training.

The supply of teaching learning material, story books, Art & Craft material and conduct of programme will be from Vandemataram Foundation in all the centers.

The list of concerned Co-ordinators and their mobile numbers have been enclosed and also shown in the above table for further contact and for details.

All the centers shall be provided adequate facilities for medical emergencies and POs to deploy ANMs during training programme to all the centers as shown above.

Therefore, all the DEOs are directed to inform the concerned Headmasters to send students and teachers as above to the training venues and ensure for their participation. The POs are requested to inform concerned Principals of KGBVs for the programme facilities, including lodging and boarding and also for deputing adequate no. of ANMs to all the training centers to attend medical emergencies. The Principals of Model Schools shall facilitate for conduct of the programme in the Model Schools.

The ASPD, SSA and Joint Director, Model School are directed to inform concerned Principals and POs and see for the effective conduct of training programme.
Vandemataram Foundation Orientation programme to TS schools from 30th September

Igniting minds, making them leaders :: Little Leaders - Little Teachers Orientation Camp: 1,500 students going through the ‘experience of a lifetime’ at six different 40-day orientation camps. A whopping 1,500 students are going through ‘experience of a lifetime’ at six different 40-day orientation camps, titled ‘Little Leaders, Little Teachers’, an initiative of the Educational Research and Training Centre of the Vandemataram Foundation and the Mahabubnagar district administration.

Students from government schools across the district, of classes VI to X wake up at 5 a.m. and are kept active till 9 p.m., through the duration of the camp that are currently on at Kalwakurthy (Aksharavanam campus), Bhoothpur, Amarachinta, Ramreddygudem and two in Nagarkurnool.

Non-academic Part of the programme:
The non-academic part of the programme, which started on April 20, is
- Yoga,
- ‘Swacch Bharath’,
- Book reading,
- Meditation,
- A nap around lunchtime and towards

Evening peters off into
- Drawing,
- Art and Craft,
- Karate,
- Classical and Folk dance.

Academic component:
The academic component includes a focus on improving
- Numerical skills,
- Knowledge of mathematics,
- Geometry and
- Chemistry.

The Sunday schedule:
The Sunday schedule will be slightly different though,
- With a little less of academics and
- Two movies - one in the morning and one in the evening, selected from among the children’s films available for universal viewing.

While initially appearing to be packed, the schedule has been chalked out scientifically, keeping in mind the needs of children in the age group of 10 to 15 years - for example, lights are switched off strictly between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., to ensure that they get eight hours of sleep.

Speaking about the initiative about which he is very passionate, Sreepathi Reddy, who runs the SPR Schools of Education in Nalgonda and Warangal and the Vandemataram Foundation says, “The basic concept is one of ‘Training the Trainer’. Since we cannot be present in every government school, I designed this programme that is being amply supported by the State Government. While we provide the content and run the camps, the district administration takes care of the logistics of boarding and lodging.”

Education quality: 
“It is an initiative to augment quality of education in the district and also surmount scarcity of teachers. Those attending these camps go back to their schools fresh with the training they went through and share the same with their classmates. It is a child-centered learning system that will fuel their interest in education. These 1,500 participants will ignite more than lakh-and-a-half students in the schools of this district,” says Collector T.K. Sreedevi.

“The basic concept is one of ‘Training the Trainer’as we cannot be present in every government school. -Sreepathi Reddy; chief Vandemataram Foundation

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