Guidelines for Officers, Staff Re-Distribution among Districts in Telangana State

Guidelines for Re-Distribution of Officers, Staff among Districts in Telangana State, Officers, Staff distribution in new districts, Revenue Divisions, Mandals: G.O.MS.No. 381 Dated: 19-10-2016: Govt Of Telangana, Public Services - Formation of New Districts, Revenue Divisions and Mandals in Telangana State - Re-Distribution of Officers and Staff among Districts - Guidelines Issued - Deemed provisional allotment orders issued - Instructions on lien, seniority, promotions, etc., - Regarding.

Read: (1) G.O.Rt.No.1764, G.A.(Cabinet) Dept., Dt.10.08.2016. (2) Meeting with the different Associations representing employees held on 18.08.2016.
(3) Circular Memo.No:11698-A/20/A1/HRM-VI/2016, Finance (HRM-VI) Dept., Dt:01-10-2016.
(4) U.O.Note No:11542/SPF-MC/2016-1 & 2, G.A.(SPF-MC) Dept., Dated:03-10-2016 & 08-10-16.
(5) G.O.Ns.No’s:221 to 250, Revenue (DA-CMRF) Department, Dated:11-10-2016.
(6) G.O.Ms.No’s:129 to 176, Finance (HRM-I) Department, Dated:11-10-2016 and other orders relating to re-distribution of cadre strength.
(7) G.O.Ms.No:375, G.A. (SPF-MC) Dept., Dt:11-10-2016.

The Cabinet Sub Committee constituted vide reference 1st cited, discussed the issues relating to formation of New Districts, Revenue Divisions and Mandals in Telangana State. Re-distribution of Officers and Staff among the Districts is one of the issue discussed during the meetings. In pursuance to the reference 2nd cited, the Chief Secretary has also held wide range of meetings with all the Departments and different Service Associations representing employees, with regard to allocation of employees among the districts, protection of seniority of existing staff as per the present District and Zonal Cadre for their future promotions etc.,

2. Government, vide reference 5th cited, have issued final notifications for formation/reorganization of districts, divisions and mandals in the State of Telangana. Government also issued certain guidelines vide references 3rd, 4th, 6th & 7th cited, regarding provisional orders to serve in the districts in respect of the employees serving in the posts in the district offices and relocated posts in sub-district offices; distribution of the available cadre strength among the (31) districts. Further, with regard to the employees who are not covered by specific Government orders to provisionally serve a district, it was ordered that they shall continue to serve in their respective offices and posts and they shall be deemed to be provisionally allotted to that district on and with effect from the date of formation of the district.

3. Government hereby order that the employees deemed to be allotted provisionally and the employees provisionally ordered to serve the new districts, shall continue to be in their respective erstwhile district / zonal / multi-zonal cadres localized under the Presidential Order, for the purposes of their lien, seniority, promotions and other service matters, as the above arrangement is purely temporary, made due to administrative exigencies, in public interest.
Guidelines for Re-Distribution of Officers, Staff among Districts in Telangana State
New Districts, Revenue Divisions and Mandals in Telangana State
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