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Guidelines for conducting School Complex meetings in 2016-17: Telangana State, School Education Department, RMSA Hyderabad has given the detailed guidelines for conducting TS School Complex meetings in 2016-2017 due to formation of new districts in Telangana. Recently, State Level training was conducted to the 2 Headmasters of each district for subject experts on 02-11-2016 and after this training and discussions, certain guidelines have been prepared for conducting the School Complex Meetings in Telangana State.  A Training module has been prepared for School complex Head masters for conducting the School Complex meetings in a smooth way. The District level trainings would be conducted on this subject to all the SCHMs and Secretaries by the each DEO at the District Level. These instructions are treated as revised guidelines for conduct of School Complex Level Trainings at cluster level.

Rc.No.862 /A/C&T/SCERT/TS/2017, Dated: 12 .07.2017
Sub: Schedule of School complex Meetings for the year 2017-18 and Agenda of first School Complex Meeting to be conducted in the month of July, 2017- Reg.

All the District Educational Officers and the Principals of DIETs, CTEs, IASE in the State are hereby informed that in all the Districts trainings were conducted successfully for the Teachers at Primary level, UP level and at Secondary level in first and second week of June, 2017 in non-language subjects.

As a follow-up of the training of teachers, the SCERT has proposed to conduct the school complex meetings which helps to consolidate the learning of the teachers in the post-training period on the various academic issues discussed in the training viz.
Academic standards,
Pedagogical practices,
Assessment processes,
Use of textbooks,
Project works.

Further these issues need to be practised in the classrooms and subsequently there is a need to share the reflections of the teachers on its implications.

In this context, the SCERT has given a year schedule for conduct of '6' school complex meetings for the year 2017-18 and a detailed agenda is suggested to conduct the first school complex meeting in the month of July, 2017 in all the districts as given in the guidelines annexed with this order.

The DEOs may note that the present practice of conduct of School Complex Meetings is restricted to classes I to VIII as Primary level school complex meeting covering classes I to V and for Upper primary sections (VI to VIII) as subject school complex meeting. It is observed that those teachers who are handling the class-VIII are also handling the classes IX and X and dealing the same subject. Hence the concept of school complex meetings shall be extended to discuss the issues of classes IX and X also. Therefore the Subject based school complex meetings which is restricted for classes VI to VIII shall also include the academic issues related to classes IX and X.

Therefore, all the DEOs in the State are once again requested to take necessary measures for the effective conduct of school complex meetings as per the time schedule suggested by SCERT.

The Principals of DIETs, IASEs, and CTEs are also requested to provide the academic support for effective functioning of school complexes and in making school complexes as vibrant learning organizations in the State.

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RMSA and DSE Telangana has issued guidelines for conducting School Complex Level Training for primary teachers and upper primary teachers for this academic year in effective manner. So, School Complex level trainings should be conducted at cluster level for primary school and upper primary school teachers on expected themes and organizing complex meetings at cluster level is one of strategy to enhance the capacity building of the teachers provide continuous support to the teachers for improvement of quality education.

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School Complex Meeting Objectives:
1. To enhance the capacity building of teachers to provide on Job support on continuum basis
2. To Share and exchanging of experiences among the teachers and disseminating the best practices
3. To improve the quality education among the children through teachers
4. To develop the concept of School Leadership.

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Themes will be discussed in the Complex Meetings under specific agenda items.
1. CCE, Formative and Summative Assessments
2. Child Psychology and Child Rights
3. Difficult Concepts in Mathematics
4. Meditation - Yoga - Games
5. Enriching constitution and cluster at values
6. Theatre arts
7. Low cost and no cost TLM
8. Children Performance
9. Inclusion and Exclusion practices
10. Concepts – Demos
11. Innovative activities
12. Teachers Performance

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TS School Complex meetings conducting guidelines 2016-17
TS School Complex meetings conducting guidelines 2016-17
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