Sports Material for all AP Primary,Upper Primary schools - Instructions

Sports Material for all AP Primary,Upper Primary schools - Instructions: SSA SPD, AP, Proc.Rc.No.267 / APSSA/A6/2016 Dated:05.12.2016, Sub:- APSSA, Vijayawada--Procurement of Sports Material for all Primary And Upper Primary schools of Andhra Pradesh-Certain Instructions-Issued-Reg. Ref:- Note orders of the SPD, SSA dated:12.2016.

All the Project Officers of SSA in the State are informed that an amount of Rs.5000/- per SMC was approved and released by this office for purchase of Sports Material for the financial year 2015-16 & 2016-17 in Govt./ZP/MPP Schools in 13 Districts in the State of A.P.

They are also informed that with due process, the State Project Office, SSA, A.P has finalized the rates and agency for procurement of Sports Material @ rates as per Annexure enclosed herewith. The specifications of Sports Material for supply of items are annexed to these proceedings. The sports material shall be procured from the National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (A Govt. of India enterprise) at the address given below.

The Project Officers of SSA in the State are therefore requested to
-Release the amounts earmarked for purchase of Sports Material to the School Management Committee concerned immediately, if not already released.
-The Project Officer concerned should enter an undertaking with NSIC Ltd or their authorized representative on Rs.100/- on Non-Judicial stamp paper for abiding the terms and conditions before placing consolidated orders(draft undertaking copy enclosed).
- The Project Officer of SSA should place order with NSIC Ltd., after obtaining the indent along with resolution from all SMCs in the district, with the approval of the District Collector & Chairman, SSA for supply of Sports Material to the school point as per specifications enclosed.
- The agency shall supply the Sports Items within (60) day from the date of receipt of order from the Project Officer concerned.
- Delivery of items should be at school point. The Headmaster concerned should receive the same in good condition and issue acknowledgement to the agency concerned. The Headmaster concerned should enter the item into the stock register of the school. The Project Officer concerned is requested to issue necessary instructions to the schools concerned duly quoting the specifications of the items supplied to the schools.
- The Headmaster should then convene a meeting of the School Management Committee within one week from the date of receipt of article, display the article received and get a resolution passed for release of required amount for the article as per the instructions issued by the DPO,SSA concerned and issue an Account Payee cheque along with a covering letter, for the amount passed, in favour of the Mandal Education Officer concerned and handover the same to the Manda! Educational Officer of the Manda! concerned immediately duly obtaining receipt for the cheque from the MEO.
- The Manda! Educational Officers should deposit the crossed cheques received from the Headmasters immediately in the MEO account and release 90% amount in the form of a crossed cheque in favour of the National Small Industries Corporation Ltd from which the article was received, along with a covering letter based on the original acknowledgements issued by the Headmasters concerned, within one week, under proper intimation to the District Project Office, SSA concerned. The MEOs should however ensure that cheques are issued by the Headmasters within one week without fail from the date of receipt of article duly passing the resolution by the SMCs concerned.
- In case any delay in supply of material within the stipulated time, 1 % of total cost for the SMC per day shall be deducted from the payment to be made to the agency.
- To ensure the quality of Sports material, a committee should be constituted at District level. The committee should consist at least one Technical Personfrom the Department of Industries. The committee should check the Sports items for quality as per the specifications communicated by the DPO and submit a written report duly quoting the observations made to the Project Officer, SSA concerned.
- The Project Officer, SSA concerned after receipt of verification report from the said committee and after examination and if satisfied should instruct the Mandal Educational Officers concerned for release of balance payment to the National Small Industries Corporation Ltd, duly taking the approval of the Chairperson, SSA concerned.
- If any variations are found, balance payment should be suspended till an appropriate decision is taken by the District Project Office, SSA concerned.
-  The Mandal Educational Officer shall ensure that the Headmaster of School concerned must enter the Sports items in the stock register of the school concerned
- The Project Officer and the Mandal Educational Officer concerned will be held responsible if any discrepancy is found.
The Project Officers of SSA shall ensure that the entire process takes place in a transparent manner without giving scope for any complaint in this regard. Severe disciplinary action including criminal action shall be initiated against them in case of complaints received against them, as per rules in force.

Primary Schools/Classes (1st-5th)
1 Medicine Ball
2 Tennecoit Rings National,
3 Tennecoit Net,
4 Skipping Ropes,
5 Cones .
6 No.3 Balls,
7 Hoops,
8 Flying Discs,
9 Long ropes Skipping,
10 Carroms

Upper Primary & High Schools (6th-8th)
1 Tennecoit Rings National
2. Bal Badminton net (Gupta) Nylon(Gupta)
3 Skipping Ropes
4 Cones,
Vinex Soft
5 Volley Ball(Leather) Touch,
6 Volley Ball Net Gupta Classic,
7 Hoops,
8 Carroms,

Terms & Conditions
1. The Sports Material have to be supplied to the Primary/Upper Primary School of the Districts concerned as per the indent placed by the Project Officer, SSA/MEO as per specifications, within a period of 75 days from the date of placing orders.
2. Under any circumstance, time will not be extended for supply of Sports Material. In case of delay in supply 2% of total cost of Sports Material per SMC will be imposed as penalty per day.
3. The material, if any, are found damaged during the period of transport needs to be replaced by the agency.
4. Sports Material supplied should be in conformity with the specifications otherwise it will be rejected.
Sports Material for all AP Primary,Upper Primary schools - Instructions

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