AP TS SSA Teachers' TLM Grants Utilization guidelines(Teaching Learning Material Grant)

Teacher Grant Utilization guidelines for AP Telangana: SSA Teachers' TLM Grants Utilization guidelines(Teaching Learning Material Grant): Guidelines of Teacher Grants under SSA, Utilization of Teacher Learning Material Grant, Teachers Grants Under SSA, Suggested Websites for e- Material,E- Learning Material, Suggestive TLM Material for Primary Level, Upper primary level, Utilization of Teaching Learning Material Grant for Language Kit, Mathematics Kit, EVS Kit, Science TLM, Maths TLM, Social TLM, Biology TLM. Rc.No.2191, Dated:24-10-2017 Teachers Grant Released for 2017-2018, Teachers Grant Utilization guidelines

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Teachers Grant Utilization guidelines:
Telangana Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Hyderabad
Guidelines on the utilization of Teachers Grants 2017 - 18

The following guidelines are issued for utilization of Teacher Grants @
Rs. 500/- per teacher per annum) released under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan during

Provision: The teachers working in the schools under Government, Localbody, Tribal Welfare (ITDA), Social Welfare, TSRIES, TSSWRIES, TSTWRIES, Disabled Welfare and Aided Managements will be released teacher grant 0 Ra.500/- per teacher per annum.

1. 50% of grant to be utilized for temporary TLM and 50% for permanent TLM.
2. Xeroxing of TLM, etc. (paper clippings / puzzles / downloaded material from internet etc.,)
3. Every teacher should prepare the list of required material, class-wise & subject-wise and submit the same to the HM.
4. The material to be finalized by conducting a meeting by the HM with all the
teachers duly considering lists prepared by the teachers subject-wise and class-wise.
5. The Head Master should procure the permanent TLM with the help of a senior teacher.
6. The Head Master should purchase the raw material and supply to the teachers
for preparation of temporary TLM.
7. TLM prepared by the teacher should be displayed in the school complex meetings also.
8. Material purchased is to be entered in school stock register.
Rc.No.2191, Dated:24-10-2017 Teachers Grant Released for 2017-2018(PDF File)

SSA Teachers Grant Utilization guidelines:

Teachers Grants Under SSA:
Utilization of Teaching Learning Material Grant @ Rs 500/- per teacher per year under
I.Suggestive TLM Material for Primary Level:
a) Language Kit:
1. CD’s /DVDs (Rhymes, Story Videos , Audio – Videos) Rs.100/-
2. Alphabetical Shapes made of rubber Rs.100/-
3. Toys – (Animals, Birds, Vegetables, Fruits) Rs. 50/-
4. Pin Board with Pin – Alphabets Rs.100/-
5. Masks Rs. 50/-
6. Puppets (Stick, Finger, Hand) Rs. 50/-
7. Domino Cards & Flash Cards Rs. 50/-
Total Rs.500/-

b) Mathematics Kit:
1. CDs / DVDs of Maths Rs. 50/-
2. Place value stand with colour ring Rs. 50/-
3. Blocks (Building Blocks 100 Blocks) Rs.100/-
4. PEG – Board & GEO – Board Rs.100/-
5. 3- D Shapes Rs.100/-
6. Dice with number Chart (1 to 100) Rs. 50/-
7. Beats with different colours (100 – Beat’s) Rs. 50/-
Total Rs.500/-

c) EVS Kit :
1. CDs / DVDs of Environmental Science Rs.100/-
2. Working Models Heart, Kidneys, Lungs, digestive System and Blood circulation Rs.300/-
3. Toys Animals, Birds, Vegetables, Fruits Rs. 50/-
4. Maps Rs. 50/-
Total Rs.500/-

Teachers' TLM Grants Utilization guidelines

II. Suggestive TLM for Upper Primary Schools and Upper Primary Classes of High Schools :
a) Science TLM :
1. E- Learning Material : 3 DVDs
For Class VI DVD - I Rs. 50/- For Class VII DVD - I Rs. 50/-
For Class VIII DVD - I Rs. 50/-
(Cost of DVD Rs.30/- + Rs.20/- towards Downloading charges)
Note : Downloading Videos & PPTs from suggested websites with regard to syllabus.

Suggested Websites for e- Material:
1. Aravindgupta.com
2. Examfear.com
3. Somepalli sreenivas.weebly.com
4. mescience guru.blog.spot.com
5. Pakistan science club.com
6. questionhub.com
7. Biology.about.com
8. Funwithscience.com
9. Digital teacher videos
10.Venu school.weebly.com
11. Janya.org

2. Procurement for other material:
Types of magnets
Compass Rs. 80/- Rs. 10/-
Simple electric circuit
SPC sheet (1m)
RS.40/- Rs.160/-
3 V Small Bulbs (6) Rs. 30/-
Bulb holder (6)
Connecting wire (1m) Screws Rs. 60/-
Rs. 20/- Rs. 10/-

3.Biology Material:
Glass slide, Brush, Needles, cover slips, blades Rs.100/-
Total Rs.500

UP Level Mathematics TLM :
1. Building Blocks Rs.200/- (Uses : 3-D shapes – areas, volume, Verification of algebraic identifies, tables-Concept, square roots, squares, cuberoots,Bargraphs).
2. PPT on prime numbers (DVD/CD) Rs. 50/- (Uses: Multiples, even numbers, odd numbers, Factors, prime numbers, composite numbers, Twin primes, LCM, HCF, relatively primes.)
3. Mathematical Geo Board Rs.100/-
a) WPC 6 mm sheet 1 Sqft X 3 No.s Rs. 90/- b) Cutter Rs. 10/- (For Triangle similarity, symmetry, areas of Triangles Quadrilaterals)
4. a) Meter Scale ( 1 No.)
b) Marker pens (20Bo.s, dice – 2 Nos) ( For Integers – addition, subtraction, multiplication) Rs.150/-
Total 500/-

UP Level Social Studies TLM :
1. E - Learning Material :
DVDs - 3 Rs. 150/- ( Download social studies related videos from Suggested websites)
Websites: 1. Gurudeva.com, 2. Digital teacher.in, 3.AP & Telangana social forums, 4. APSCERT .gov.in
2. Latest Maps: Political (AP) and Physical (AP) Rs.200/-
3. Atlas :Rs.150/-
Total Rs.500

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