Selection criteria of ALA Demo Schools, Master coaches ~ RIVER MGML pedagogy

Criteria for selection of ALA Demo Schools and Master coaches. Ananda Lahari Abhyasana(ALA) in 1342  Double Teachers Schools. ALA Demo School,Ananda Lahari Abhyasana(ALA) Programme,RIVER MGML Programme,Multi Grade and Multi Level (MGML) pedagogy,Teaching Learning environment and student learning outcomes. The Govt. of AP has accorded permission to introduce the Multi Grade and Multi Level (MGML) pedagogy of Rishi Valley Institute, Chittoor Dist. in Primary Schools. This is expected to improve over all Teaching Learning environment and student learning outcomes and to address the challenge of Multigrade Teaching in Double Teacher Schools. The programme aims to cover all the double teacher schools in the state in a phased manner.

Accordingly it is planned to introduce the RIVER(Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources) - MGML pedagogy in 1342 double teacher Primary Schools across the state at the rate of 2 schools per Mandal. The programme is named "ANANDA LAHARI ABHYASANA" in short form it is 'ALA'. Out of 1342 schools across the state, 52 schools i.e one school in each division is treated as 'ALA Demo School.'

A. Criteria for the selection of Divisional Level Training Centres in the District:
1. It should be in one of the best equipped MRC/High School.
2. It should be easily approachable for all the mandals of the division
3. It should be accessible to the ALA demo school during training period.
4. It should have good infrastructural facilities like LCD projector, spacious classroom/Hall, chairs, toilets, drinking water etc., to accommodate 25 to 30 trainees

B. Criteria for the selection of ALA Demo Schools:
1. It must be a Primary School with two teachers
2. Minimum enrollment of class 1 and 2 together should be 20 to 30
3. School should have good infrastructural facility with required number of classrooms
4. It should be located nearer to the divisional head quarter which is convenient for visit for the ALA school trainees and also Divisional Training center (DLTC).
5. The selection of Demo schools should be completed before 09.03.2017 and communicated to CSE and SCERT immediately

B. Selection of Master Coaches:
1. DEO, PO SSA and DIET Principal in coordination should select the required number of Master Coaches as mentioned in the Annexure III
2. They should have minimum 3 years experience as SRP/DRP
3. They should preferably be teaching class 1 and 2
4. Maximum age limit is 50 years
5. They should be able to extend their services for a long period for the system sustainability.

4. Selection of ALA Schools:
1. Select any two double teacher Primary schools in each Mandal from the list provided in the annexure II and based on the points 1,2,3 and 4 under the sub title “Criteria for the selection of ALA Demo Schools” given above.

Implementation of Ananda Lahari (ALA) Abhyasana
Consolidated number of ALA Schools and Master Coaches
Slab Wise Schools having 2 Teachers with Class I&II Enrolment
Criteria for selection of ALA Demo Schools and Master coaches

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