Day wise TS School Academic Programmes, Activities during Admission Schedule 2017

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Day wise TS School Academic Programmes, Activities during Admission Schedule 2017
Rc.No. 846/PS.1-2/2015 Dt:l 4.03.2017
Sub:- School Education - Admission Schedule and other related programmes issued for the managements of Government, Local body, Government Aided Schools, in the State - Reg.

1) G.O. Ms. No. 01 Edn dt. 01-01-1994.
2) RTE Rules 2010 issued in G.o.Ms.No.20 Edn. dt:03.03.201 l.
3) Govt., Memo.No.24978/Prog.ll/ A 1 /2016, dt: 07.06.2016

All the District Educational Officer's in the state / Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State are requested to issue schedule for admission in the managements of Government, Local body, Government Aided School for the Academic year 201 7-18 as detailed below:

~ 21st March 2017:
  1. Re-opening of Schools and Admission Notification & Applications.
  2. Commencement of classes for the existing children and classes.
  3. Distribution of Text Books to the Children by Village Sarpanch and SMC Members.
  4. Swachh Patashala - Clean and Green.
  5. Meeting with SMC and discussion on the enrollment of children who are fresh and out of school children.
  6. Updation of Village Education Register (VER)
~ 22nd March 2017:
  1. The Head Masters of Primary and Upper Primary Schools shall visit the Anganwadi Centers and get schools on 23rd March 20 l 7.
  2. Updation of Village Education Register (VER) Preparation of list of outgoing children i.e., children who completes class V and Closs VII I VIII along with TC's.
  3. Plan for remedial teaching in staff meeting and fixing the responsibility and targets.
23rd March 20l7:
  1. Enrollment of children in Class-I from Anganwadi's and from the village. 
  2. Conduct of Samoohika Akshara Abhyasam by decorating the school and inviting SMC, Parents etc.,
  3. Arrangement of slates, notebooks, pencils etc., from community I old students
  4. Distribution of Textbooks to newly admitted children.
  5. Enrollment of Class-V children by concerned Head Masters of Primary Schools with TC's in Class-VI at nearby Upper Primary I High Schools and distribution of Textbooks.
  6. Enrollment of Class-VIII VIII children by concerned Head Masters of UP Schools with TC's in Class-VIII/ IX at nearby High Schools and distribution of Textbooks.
24th March 2017:
  1. Commencement of remedial teaching (3 Rs)- conduct of baseline tests in the forenoon for remedial teaching (3 Rs programs).
  2. Preparation of school development plan (SDP)
25th March 2017 To 15th April 2017:
Head Masters of Primary, Upper primary, High Schools to fill Students Data Monitoring Information System (SDMIS) in the given format and furnish to the CRP in case of Primary Schools. The High School Head Masters shall update themselves. Alternatively, the data of the newly enrolled children can be accessed through online and update with due consultation with Mandal MIS co ordinator.

21st March to July 30th 2017:
Normal period of admission

Upto 25th September 2017:
Extended period of admission. Where a child is admitted after extended period, shall be eligible to complete studies by special training.

TS School's Academic activities~ Readiness,Badi bata,3Rs Programme/Remedial Teaching 2017
1. Half day schools:
    Half day schools: 15th to 23rd April, 2017
    Half day schools timings: 8 AM to 12.30 PM for TS Schools
    SSC Exam centre High Schools timings: 1 PM to 5 PM

2. New Academic Year:
    New Academic Year Starts from: 21st March, 2017
3. Summer Vacation
    Summer Vacation : 24-04-2017 to 11-06-2017

4. Text books Collection:
    Required Text books Collection from Mandal Point: 16th March to 20th March 2017
    Text Books distribution: 21st March, 2017

5. Akshara Abhyasam:
    Samuhika Akshara Abhyasam Festival: 23-03-2017

6. 3 Rs Remedial Teaching Programme:
    Remedial Teaching/3 Rs Programme: 21st March to 23rd April, 2017
    Baseline Test/Pre Test: on or after 24-04-2017
    Endline Test/Post test: before 23-04-2017

7. Badi Bata Programme:
Badi Bata Spell I: 03-04-2017 to 13-04-2017
Badi Bata Spell II: June 1st, 2017

8. Online Entry of Students Details:
Submission Students Online: March 25 to April 15, 2017

The School Head Master, Teachers, SMC Members shall meet the parents in their catchment area for the enrollment of all the school aged children. Out of school children and dropped out children shall be enrolled in the aged related classes at elementary level l.e.. from class I to VIII.

In respect of Government, Local Body and Aided Schools, Children should be admitted in the School as and when a Parent approaches or a child reports to School, on the same day.

No School shall deny admission at elementary level i.e., from class I to VIII as per RTE Act, in the name of poor standards, lack of certificates etc. The concerned Head Master is responsible to get the certificates and any other things. In case of poor standards the Head Masters shall arrange special
training I remedial teaching to the children to get standards as per the class I Grade.

Text Books must be provided to all the children immediately after their enrollment.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers I Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State are directed to instruct all the Head masters of Govt. and Local Body Schools and managements of Govt., Aided Schools to adhere to the above Admission Schedule scrupulously. Instructions shall also be issued to all the MEO under their control to take necessary action accordingly.

Wide publicity shall be given to the admission schedule indicated above. The above instructions shall be followed scrupulously.

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10. Day wise TS School Academic Programmes, Activities during Admission Schedule 2017

Day wise TS School Academic Programmes, Activities during Admission Schedule 2017
Students data monitoring information system(sdmis) updation, Day wise ts school academic programmes,activities, TS schools admission notification, Baseline test for 3 rs remedial teaching, Samoohika akshara abhyasam, Free text books distribution, Swachh patashala - clean and green, SMC meetings, Village education register (ver)

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