TS TRANSCO AE, SE, JLM Posts Recruitment 2020

TS TRANSCO will release the TS TRANSCO AE, SE, JLM Posts Recruitment 2020: TS TRANSCO to fill various category posts through Direct Recruitment /TS TRANSCO Recruitment/TS TRANSCO AE, SE, Junior Linemen Posts Recruitment : TS TRANSCO to fill various category posts. The Telangana Energy Department have submitted proposals for creation of additional posts duly mentioning the requirement in the respective power utilities, in a phased manner. So, Government of Telangana has accorded sanction for creation of (3441) posts in various categories in the TS TRANSCO Power sector.

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తెలంగాణ జెన్‌కో, ట్రాన్స్కో, డిస్కంలు కలిపి మొత్తం 12,171 పోస్టులను ప్రత్యక్ష నియామకాల ద్వారా భర్తీ చేశాయని, మరో 22,637 మంది విద్యుత్ కాంట్రాక్టు, ఔట్‌సోర్సింగ్ కార్మికులను ఆర్టిజన్లుగా విలీనం చేసుకున్నాయని పేర్కొంది. కొత్త నియామకాలతో పాటు ఔట్ సోర్సింగ్ ఉద్యోగుల క్రమబద్ధీకరణ రూపంలో గత ఐదేళ్లలో మొత్తం 34,808 మందికి ఉద్యోగాలు కల్పించడం ద్వారా, తెలంగాణ ఏర్పడిన నాటి నుంచి అత్యధిక మందికి ఉద్యోగాలిచ్చిన విభాగంగా విద్యుత్ శాఖ రికార్డు సృష్టించిందని అక్టోబర్ 18న ఓ ప్రకటనలో తెలిపింది. అలాగే విద్యుత్ సంస్థల ఆదాయంలో 9 శాతం ఉద్యోగుల వేతనాలకు వెచ్చిస్తున్నామని, వేతనాల చెల్లింపులో తెలంగాణ విద్యుత్ శాఖ దేశంలో నంబర్ వన్ స్థానంలో ఉందని పేర్కొంది. మిగతా రాష్ట్రాల్లో 5 నుంచి 7 శాతం వరకే జీతభత్యాలకు చెల్లిస్తున్నారని తెలిపింది. ‘తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం ఏర్పడిన నాటి నుంచి ఇప్పటి వరకు 1,17,177 మందికి ఉద్యోగావకాశం లభించిందని ట్రాన్స్కో తెలిపింది.

Date: 29-12-2017 :: TS TRANSCO AE, SE, Jr Linemen posts through Direct Recruitment 2018:
The Transmission Corporation of Telangana Limited (TSTRANSCO) with Headquarters at Hyderabad has invited applications for recruitment to the posts of Junior Lineman, Sub-Engineer (Electrical) and Assistant Engineer (Electrical), Assistant Engineer (Civil) and Assistant Engineer (Telecom). Interested candidates shall have to submit their application at the official website of the recruiting body at tstransco.cgg.gov.in. 'The Upper age limit is relaxable up to 5 years in respect of SC/ST/BC candidates and up to 10 years in respect of Physically Handicapped candidates' clarifies the TSTRANSCO regarding the age relaxation norms.

Vacancy Details:
Assistant Engineer: 330
Sub Engineer: 174
Junior Lineman: 1100

Eligibility Criteria
Assistant Engineer: Bachelors Degree in the relevant engineering discipline or a Pass in Section-'A' & 'B' of A.M.I.E. examination conducted by Institute of Engineers in the respective discipline. Applicants must be in the age group 18-44 years.
Sub Engineer- Electrical: Diploma in Electrical Engineering or Graduation in Electrical Engineering in addition to Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Applicant must be in the age group of 18-44 years.

Junior Lineman: SSLC/ SSC/ 10th Class with I.T.I. qualification in Electrical Trade/ Wireman or 2 years Intermediate Vocational course in Electrical only from a recognized Institution/ Board of combined A.P. / Telangana State Education Department. Applicant must be in the age group of 18-35 years.

Telangana State Electricity Distribution Corporation (Transco) has released the announcements for 1,604 posts. On December 28, the Board of Governors, which met at the power plant, Tranco and Genco CEO Prabhakar Rao, decided to take this decision.
a. 330 Assistant Engineer (AE) - Get Details
b. 174 Sub Engineer (Electrical) and - Get details
c. 1,100 Junior Linemen (JLM) posts have been advertised.
In theses 330 Assistant Engineer posts, 330 Electrical, 49 Civil and 31 Telecom posts are available

a. 330 AE Assistant Engineer posts - Get Details
b. 174 SE Sub Engineer (Electrical) posts - Get details
c. 1,100 JLM Junior Linemen posts - Get details
d. How to Apply for AE Posts
e. How to Apply for SE Posts
f. How to Apply for JLM Posts

Education Qualification:
The candidates should have Engineering in the respective departments for AE Posts
Candidates who have completed the Diploma in Electrical Division can apply for Sub-Engineering (Electrical) posts.

Different Telangana Power Distribution Company (TSSPDL) and North Telangana Electricity Distribution Company (TSNPDL) will be issuing separate advirtisements for recruitment of JLM, AE and Sub Engineer posts.


TRANSMISSION CORPORATION OF TELANGANA LIMITED (TSTRANSCO): To Plan, Construct and Maintain the Transmission Network in the State of Telangana in line with Demand Growth and Generation Expansion in an efficient manner so as to ensure highest availability and lowest operational costs. To be recognized and respected as one of the best transmission utilities and to set the bench-marks in every parameter of operation for others to follow.

Post details in TSTRANSCO:
1)  Engineering Services: 1979 posts
2)  Accounts Services: 262 posts
3)  P&G Services: 195 posts
4)  O&M Services: 1005 posts
Total no.of posts: 3441

Sl.No. Name of the Post No. of Posts Scale of Pay (In Rs.)
A)  Engineering Services:
1 Executive Director 3 76060-102050
2 Chief Engineer /Elecl. 7 70970-92705
3 Chief Engineer /Civil 1 70970-92705
4 Chief Engineer /Telecom 1 70970-92705
5 Superintending Engineer/Elecl. 18 59040-87065
6 Superintending Engineer/Civil 2 59040-87065
7 Superintending Engineer/Telecom 1 59040-87065
8 Divisional Engineer/Elecl. 91 54480-81425
9 Executive Engineer/Civil 9 54480-81425
10 Divisional Engineer/Telecom 4 54480-81425
11 Asst. Divisional Engineer/Elecl. 522 48525-73515
12 Asst. Executive Engineer/Civil 34 48525-73515
13 Asst. Divisional Engineer/Telecom 38 48525-73515
14 Asst. Engineer/Addl. Asst. Engineer/Elecl. 932 41155-63600
15 Asst. Engineer/Addl. Asst. Engineer/Civil 56 41155-63600
16 Asst. Engineer/Addl. Asst. Engineer/ Telecom 61 41155-63600
17 Sub-Engineer 199 20535-41155
Sub-Total(A) 1979
B)  Accounts Services:
1 Financial Advisor and Chief Controller of Accounts 2 70970-92705
2 Deputy Chief Controller of Accounts 3 59040-87065
3 Senior Accounts Officer 10 54480-81425
4 Accounts Officer 19 48525-73515
5 Assistant Accounts Officer 19 41155-63600
6 Junior Accounts Officer 55 34630-56760
7 Senior Assistant 78 22340-42480
8 Junior Assistant 76 18725-34775
Sub-Total(B) 262
C)  P&G Services:
1 Deputy Secretary 3 59040-87065
2 Assistant Secretary 7 54480-81425
3 Personnel Officer 22 41155-63600
4 Junior Personnel Officer 55 22340-42480
5 Assistant 43 18725-34775
6 Drivers 65 16500-36020
Sub-Total(C) 195
D)  O&M Services:
1 Line Inspector 42 21045-38510
2 Linemen 144 18725-34775
3 Assistant Linemen 284 16945-28660
4 Junior Linemen 535 15585-25200
Sub-Total(D) 1005
Grand Total (A+B+C+D) 3441

TS TRANSCO Recruitment Web portal: http://tstransco.cgg.gov.in/
TS TRANSCO Official Web site: http://transco.telangana.gov.in/index.html

TS TRANSCO to fill various category posts through Direct Recruitment
TS GENCO to fill various category posts through Direct Recruitment
TS SPDCL to fill various category posts through Direct Recruitment
TS NPDCL to fill various category posts through Direct Recruitment

TS TRANSCO: Transmission Corporation of Telangana Limited (TSTRANSCO) is formed with effect from 02.06.2014, dealing with EHT Power Transmission in the State of Telangana and is also the State Government approved STU. Presently TSTRANSCO is having infrastructure of 16,637 Ckm of EHT lines and 243 Nos EHT Substations catering to the State of Telangana. Ambitious Plans are drawn to meet the Commitments of State Govt. and future load growth. It is proposed to add 144 Nos. EHT Substations and 8806 CKm of EHT lines for evacuation of upcoming Generating capacities and strengthening the transmission network.

ENERGY DEPARTMENT - Creation of (13357) posts in TS TRANSCO, TS GENCO, TS SPDCL and TS NPDCL - Orders - Issued.
G.O.Ms.No. 76 Dated: 06-05-2017
Read the following:
1. From JMD, TS TRANSCO Letter NO.CGM (HRD)/MPP.1/306/Creation of new posts/2012, dated 30.01.2017.
2. Energy (HR) Department U.O.No.755/HR.A1/2015, dated 05.05.2017.

Consequent on formation of Telangana State, Government has accorded priority to the power sector for addition to power generation and providing uninterrupted power supply to all sectors. In consonance with the priority of the Government, the TS TRANSCO, TS GENCO, TS SPDCL and TS NPDCL have taken up necessary ground work for capacity addition and also assessed the requirement of manpower.

2. Accordingly, the Energy Department, in the reference read above, have submitted proposals for creation of additional posts duly mentioning the requirement in the respective power utilities, in a phased manner.

3. Government after careful consideration of the proposal hereby accord sanction for creation of (13357) posts in various categories in the four power utilities as shown below:
Sl. No. Name of the Company No. of posts sanctioned Remarks
1 TS TRANSCO 3441 Category wise details shown in Annexures I,  II,  III and IV
2 TS GENCO 4329
3 TS SPDCL 2336
4 TS NPDCL 3251
Total 13357

4. The Energy Department shall obtain concurrence of Finance (HRM) Department before initiating measures to fill up the posts sanctioned in this order, wherever service rules prescribe direct recruitment.

5. The expenditure on account of creation of the above posts shall be entirely borne by the respective companies by increasing internal efficiency and without leading to additional subsidy support from Government.

6. The Energy Department are requested to take necessary further action in the matter accordingly.


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