J SAF JnanaBhumi AP Post Matric scholarships/Fee reimbursement Application form 2017 for Fresh, Renewal Registrations

J SAF JnanaBhumi AP Postmatric Scholarships/Fee reimbursement Application form 2017 Register for fresh, Renewal Jnanabhumi AP Postmatric scholarships application 2017 Register now at http://jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in/. Submission of J SAF JnanaBhumi AP Postmatric Scholarship Application Form 2017 for Fee reimbursement / Jnanabhumi AP Post Matric scholarship website starts soon. Submit the AP Jnanabhumi scholarship 2017 application on online. AP Epass Scholarship application portal has been stopped by government for fresh scholarship application. A new website with best features for students scholarship applications registration. Sri Nara Chandra babu Naidu has came up with thins inventive thought for students facility. Below you will find the problems came up with AP-Epass scholarship web portal.

J-SAF, JnanaBhumi AP Post Matric scholarships Application form 2017,fresh Renewal registrations

JnanaBhumi is Land of Knowledge for Integrated Delivery of Services relating to Education and Scholarships. JnanaBhumi paving the way for Happiness. JnanaBhumi is an all-encompassing, comprehensive education portal that has been designed to improve the quality of academic delivery and to provide hassle-free services to all the stakeholders. For more information visit: jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in

Benefits for all:
a. 100% Aadhar Linkage
b. Elimination of manual processes
c. Real time validation with Mee Seva/SSC/BIE/Aadhar DataBases
d. Paper less Transactions
e. Timely Payments
f. An Integrated Ecosystem Enabler

AP Jnanabhumi Post matric Scholarship Portal:  Its name Jnana Bhumi means Wisdom world or place for Knowledge or Land of Knowledge. Government decided to keep that because to provide quality education for youth and students for emphasizing their careers and skills.

Jnanabhumi Aim:  To provide best Education, Knowledge for Below Poverty Students and Backward classes for bright future. Bring down application and scholarship problems from AP E-Pass. Uses and latest updates in Jnanabhumi Scholarship portal

Students uses:
a. Easy application registration procedure, Monthly payment directly to students account.
b. Apply any where or any time with application web portal.
c. Online verification and details fetching with ease.
d. Dedicated Jnanabhumi helpline number 1100.
c. Scholarship application status, Bank payment status, Reimbursement statement.
d. Colleges or educational institution uses:

Online registration for colleges.
A. Updating Students admissions, Attendance for scholarship payment.
B. Decisions based on data analytic tools, paper less transactions.
C. Quarterly Fees Reimbursement payment.

Universities options in Jnana Bhumi scholarship portal:
A. Issuing and monitoring affiliation of colleges, Procuring and organizing administration.
B. Document less transactions, functions. Easy tracking of process and applications.
C. Decision support systems for various needs.

JnanaBhumi Scholarships Links:
1. How to apply for JnanaBhumi Post matric Scholarships at J SAF JnanaBhumi Scholarships web portal
2. How to fill the JnanaBhumi Scholarship Application Form(J-SAF) at JnanaBhumi Scholarship web portal
3. JnanaBhumi AP Post Matric Scholarships Web Portal: jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in
4. AP Post Matric Scholarships(PMS) to Students
5. JnanaBhumi AP Post Matric Scholarships Sanction, Disbursement Guidelines
Guidelines for AP Jnanabhumi Post Matric Scholarship Application portal for students are above link

Post-Matric Scholarship Application portal:
a. No need to apply for postmatric scholarship application registration in AP E-Pass website.
b. For scholarship payments students mobile number, Email, Aadhar card details are linked.
c. Renewal of post matric scholarship applications, students need to apply a new form with their bio-metric authentication at the time of admission. They can update their scholarship mobile number, Email id and contact details on this time.
d. Students can link their bank account with scholarship application with UID aadhar card number.

Fresh AP Jnana Bhumi Post Matric Scholarship Application 2017 students application guide:
a. Scholarship application form must be given at the time of admissions in to colleges.
b. Application registration forms are available in all district welfare offices, banks, post offices etc.
c. Online application form can be downloaded from jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in
d. Documents required are aadhar card, previous year study certificate, Income Certificate, Bank passbook with account details photo in first page. Caste Certificate applied at mee-seva center, White ration card number, Income certificate number. Mobile number and a proper email address for contact needs.
e. The website only will credit automatically monthly payments of scholarships and fee reimbursement money. J SAF JnanaBhumi AP Post Matric scholarships/Fee reimbursement Application form 2017 for Fresh, Renewal Registrations... through JnanaBhumi Scholarships(Fee reimbursement) Application Form(J-SAF)

J SAF JnanaBhumi AP Post Matric scholarships Application form 2017
J SAF JnanaBhumi AP Post Matric scholarships Application form 2017
JnanaBhumi Scholarships Application Form(J-SAF)
J SAF Application Form

For more details please visit the above mentioned Official Website. If you like this post please share this post link on your and your friends' Social Groups, as it will be help them. Thanks...

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