JBAR Essay writing,Painting, Elocution Competitions on MR vaccination in TS Schools 2017

Jbar School Health Programme - JBAR Essay writing,Painting, Elocution Competitions on MR vaccination in TS Schools 2017: MR Campaign Mandal Level Competitions - It is to inform that the DM&HOs and DIOs are requested to create awareness by publicity among school students  in view of MR vaccination campaign. In view of the above the following competitions may be conducted for school students  in Govt. and private schools at the Mandal level.

JBAR Essay writing,Painting, Elocution Competitions on MR vaccination in TS Schools

Memo.No.6027: School Education - MR Campaign Mandal level competitions- ICICI Bank's participation in providing certificates and prizes to winning School children-Reg. A copy of the reference cited along with its enclosures is sent herewith to the Commissioner & Director of School Education, Hyderabad. He is requested to take immediate necessary action in the matter as per rules in force. Reg: MR Campaign Mandal level Competitions and ICICI Bank's participation in providing certificates and prizes to winning School Children

ICICI Bank: We have received a request from Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare Telangana State for participating in Measles-Rubella awareness Campaign {Copy of letter attached). We understand that MR campaign is a Government of India initiative in fighting and eradicating Rubella/CRS (Congenital Rubella Syndrome) by 2020. Government of India has lunched the Measles-Rubella Campaign in the country covering all children of 9 months to below 15 years of age group.

In Telangana State it is estimated that children of 9 months to below 15 years of age group are around 1 crore. Understanding the significance of Measles-Rubella awareness Campaign, We, ICICI Bank is pleased to be associated with the said campaign schools) are expected to particpate in these competitions namely Painting. In this regard all the schools of 592 mandals of Telangana State (Govt. and private schools) are expected participate in these competitions namely painting Competition, Elocution Competition and Essay Writing Competition for promoting awareness on immunization.

Further, in this event total 5400 certificates signed by District Collector and District Medical & Health officer and 3600 prizes are going to be distributed to the winners of each mandal by respective Mandal Education officer /Medical officer on 15th August,2017. All the certificates and prizes are being sent to 31 District Medical & Health officers from ICICI Bank.

These competitions will be held at all the schools in the Mandal at their end and the best performer nominations will be sent to Mandal level. The Mandal Education Officer and Mandal Medical Officer shall coordinate these competitions and finalize the prize winners.

Topic: Immunization and its Importance
1. Painting competition - Class 1 to Class 5 only (on Legal size paper or cardboard with Pencil/Crayons/Paints etc.) any painting may be considered.
2. Elocution/Speech competition - Class  6 to Class 10 (3 to 5 minutes)
3. Essay Writing competition - Class  6 to Class 10 (800 to 1000 words only)

Note: In Mandal level competition winners will be selected/evaluated from all the schools of the respective mandal. In this regard each mandal will get 9 prizes/certificates only for the winners.

EXAMPLE: In a Mandal if there are 10 schools, the three competitions (painting, elocution, Essay Writing) held at their school end and the best 3 performers in each competition (i.e. Painting-3, Elocution-3, Essay Writing-3) were nominated from all the 10 schools and sent to Mandal level. The Mandal Education Officer & Mandal Medical Officer finalizes the top 3 Winners in all the 3 competitions like each mandal will get 9 certificates and 6 prizes for the winners.

1st Prize – Gift with certificate.
2nd Prize - Gift with certificate.
3rd Prize – Certificate only

These competitions may be completed by 31.07.2017 (Monday). The Prize winners list may be communicated to the district Headquarters by 10.08.2017. The Mandals who have already conducted the above competitions may communicate the information to the concerned DMHO, DIO and JD(CH&I).

READ | MR Vaccination Awareness Programme

The prizes will be distributed to the winners on 15 August 2017 on INDEPENDENCE DAY by the Mandal Education Officers /Medical Officers.

Only prizes for this Event/Program is being sponsored by ICICI Bank for 600 Mandals (6 prizes 9 certificates towards each mandal for the winners). You are requested to coordinate with ICICI Bank Manager where ever available. The Prizes will be sent to your respective districts through ICICI Bank.

DMHOs/DIOs may contact ICICI bank below officers for any details :
Sri.Vardhan – 7331170129
Miss. Akhila – 7995573788 /040 40040917
Sri.Kamesh – 7995573772
In case of any clarifications the  DMHOs/DIOs are requested to contact ICICI bank...

For more details please visit the above mentioned Official Website. If you like this post please share this post link on your and your friends' Social Groups, as it will be help them. Thanks...

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