LEP 3Rs Programme Modules, Teacher's Hand books, eBooks (Telugu, English, Maths) 2017

LEP 3Rs Programme Modules, Teacher's Hand books,eBooks(Telugu,English,Maths) 2017: 60 Day LEP 3Rs Basic Competencies Improvement Programme Hand boos 2017, A two-month LEP 3Rs Fundamental Skills Improvement Programme Module, Foundational skills improvement Programme eBook, LEP Activities Book, 3Rs Remedial Teaching Teachers Hand Books,Students Work books,Worksheets for Schools, 3Rs LEP Program Implementation (3Rs Remedial Teaching Programme) Workbook. 3Rs LEP Telugu English Maths Teachers Hand Book, Telugu English Maths Remedial Students Work Book, Telugu English Maths Remedial WorkBook, Worksheets, Remedial Teaching, 3Rs Remedial Teaching Teachers Hand Books, Students Work books,Worksheets for Schools

LEP 3Rs Programme Modules, Teacher's Hand books,eBooks(Telugu,English,Maths)

TS C and DSE has given detailed guidelines for implementation of LEP Programme in Telangana Govt Schools. In this connection, LEP Dates/Schedule, Instructions, Action Plan, Implementation instructions have been issued.

LINK: Baseline Test/Post test Question Papers for 3Rs Programme(CALT)

Learning Enhancement Programme English guidelines: 
1.  3 R’s programme should be conducted for 45-60 instructional days.
2. Conduct pre-test to the students of class VI,VII,VIII and IX.
3. Prepare question paper for it. Model paper is enclosed.
4. Identify the students who cannot read and write. Record their details in the proforma-I (Proforma -I is attached). For them conduct 3R’s programme in the allotted period i.e., in the afternoon.
5. Action plan, day wise list of activities and process have been attached. However these are only suggestive. You can provide other activities taking from other sources but ensure that reading and writing happen meaningfully.
6. For the children who can read and write, provide them ample and meaningful practice in the construction of Discourses like conversation, description, biography, letter, story, essay, notice .....
7. Conduct achievement level test to the students at the of the 3R’s Programme.
Record their details in the proforma-II (Proforma –II is attached). In the activities, my name activity, marking the attendance, miming, language game, mind mapping and bridging the gap activities should be conducted. In addition to these you can
provide other activities also.

LEP 3Rs Programme Material:
1. Chaduvu BooK for 1st, 2nd Class -Level 1(చదువు 1)
2. Chaduvu BooK for 1st, 2nd Class -Level 2 (చదువు 2)
3. English Work book - Activities 1
4. English Work book - Activities 2
5. English Work book - Activities 3
6. English Work book - Vocabulary Builder
7. English Work book Vocabulary Builder 2
8. Basic Maths workbook
9. Class 2 Maths Work Book
10. Ankela Linkulu
11. Telugu PADAKELI(పదకేళి)
12. 3Rs LEP Telugu Maths English Module
13. Magical Drawing for Alphabet

3Rs LEP...
1. - Maths LEP 3Rs Proformas 1
Maths LEP 3Rs Proformas 2
Maths LEP 3Rs Proformas 3
Maths LEP 3Rs Proformas 4
Maths LEP 3Rs Proformas 5
Maths LEP 3Rs Proformas 6
2. All Subjects LEP 3Rs Register as per Module(Nodule)
3. LEP Dairy
4. LEP Dairy Group wise

Hand Books - Work Sheets:
3Rs Remedial Teaching Hand Books, Work Books, Work Sheets, Module
Telugu: 1st & 2nd Class Telugu Teachers Hand Book
Telugu: 1st & 2nd Class Telugu Students Book Work Sheets
Maths: 1st & 2nd Class Maths  Teachers Hand Book
Maths: 1st & 2nd Class Maths Students Book Work Sheets
English: 1st & 2nd Class English  Teachers Hand Book
English: 1st & 2nd Class English Students Book Work Sheets
Telugu: 3rd & 4th & 5th  Classes Telugu Teachers Hand Book
Telugu: 3rd & 4th & 5th  Classes Telugu Students Book Work Sheets
Maths: 3rd & 4th & 5th  Classes Maths  Teachers Hand Book
Maths: 3rd & 4th & 5th  Classes Maths Students Book Work Sheets
English: 3rd & 4th & 5th  Classes English  Teachers Hand Book
English: 3rd & 4th & 5th   Classes English Students Book Work Sheets

Hand Books - Work Sheets:
UP & High School Books 100 Days Remedial Teaching Books
PDF Material
Teachers hand Books.....

LEP Links:
1. 60 Day LEP 3Rs Basic Competencies/ Fundamental Skills Improvement Programme 2017
2. LEP 3Rs Programme guidelines, LEP Action plan, Schedule for TS Schools 2017-2018
3. Modules, Hand Books for Teachers***
4. 3Rs Remedial Teaching Teachers Hand Books,Students Work books,Worksheets for Schools***
5. LEP 3Rs Programme Implementation Guidelines, Clarifications 2017 for TS Schools
6. List of Subject wise Specific Targets/Basic Skills /Minimum Competencies for Achievement in LEP Programme

LEP Implementation schedule:
• Baseline test:
Baseline test for all the students of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools shall be completing before 29th July 2017.
• High Schools: Learning enhancement programme implementation shall be implemented in all High Schools of Govt. ZP, Aided, Model Schools, KGBVs, Residential Schools up to 45 to 60 days from 27.07.2017.
• PS, UPS: Learning enhancement programme implementation shall be implemented in Primary and Upper Primary schools including aided up to 45 to 60 days from 01.08.2017.

READ | LEP 3Rs Programme guidelines, LEP Action plan, Schedule

Guidelines to HM:
I. Pre Test/ Baseline test and also Endline test: Head Masters of Primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools and High Schools shall take up special remedial classes for the children separately with conducting some Baseline test and also Endline test for assessing the improvement. The existing material in schools i.e,
~ SLIM cards,
~ Library books and
~ Class I and II Text books may be used for the strategies to improve the basic competencies.

READ | Guidelines for Reducing the Load OF School Bags in TS Schools

II. Staff Meeting: Head Master need to conduct a meeting with staff and define the roles and responsibilities of each staff member and
~ Timings for remedial classes,
~ Strategies,
~ Targets and
~ Develop plan of action for improvement with specific targets.

III. PostTest/End line Test: At the end they should conduct one end line test and furnish the report on progress to the concerned School Complex Head Master and Mandal Educational Officers. All the School complex Head Masters are responsible in their complex area for the implementation and improving the basic competencies.

LEP 3Rs Programme Module/ Teacher's Hand book/eBook:
LEP 3Rs Programme Module/Teacher's Hand book/eBook
LEP All Subjects Students wise Register as per Module

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