Telangana State Employees Incentive Scheme Awards Online Application Form 2017

Telangana State Employees Incentive Scheme Awards Online Application Form 2017, TSEIS Awards Online application form : Incentive Awards to TS Employees, Incentives to the TS Government Employees, Telangana State Employees Incentive Scheme(TSEIS) Online Application Form, Online Application Form , Incentive Awards application form to Employees under Telangana State Employees Incentive Scheme(TSEIS): The Government of Telangana has decided to introduce Incentive Scheme for Telangana Government Employees as a recognition to the outstanding work done by them.  The Incentive Scheme is open to regular government employees who draw a salary from the treasury and belong to any of Class IV to Class I / Group I categories working at different levels starting Gram Panchayat to State offices.

There will be one incentive for each of the four categories of employees for each district taking the total number to 124. Additionally, eight more employees will be selected at State level– four in the Heads of Departments and four in Secretariat. All the 132 selected employees will get an entry of appreciation in the service record, one increment for one year and a letter of commendation. Out of the 132 employees, twelve best will be selected i.e. three employees under each of the four categories. The top three employees in each of the four categories will be given a cash incentive of Rs. 5 lakh, Rs 3 lakh and Rs 2 lakh in that order. The Incentives will be presented to employees on Independence Day i.e. 15 August, 2017

READ | Telangana State Employees Incentive Scheme Awards Guidelines

GAD- GPM & AR - Telangana State Employees Incentive Scheme - Structure- Constitution of District and State level scrutiny Committees - Guidelines - Orders - Issued.

General Administration (GPM & AR) Department
G.O.Rt.No.164, Dated:21.07.2017
Read: G.O.Ms.No.131, GA(AR&T)Dept, Dt:26.05.2017

Government as per recommendations of the Incentive Awards Committee have decided to give Incentives to the Telangana State Government Employees for their outstanding work on Independence Day. The individual incentive will cover all regular Government employees from the last grade to Group-I Services, whose salaries are paid directly from the treasury. Government have decided to cover Government employees of all levels i.e., from Grampanchayats to the State, duly categorizing them into four categories i.e., Class-IV, Class-III, Class-B/ Group-II and Class-I/Group-I.

2. All the applications shall be submitted online only through as per the guidelines annexed. It is self nomination/application by the individual employee. One employee will submit only one application.

3. One Incentive for each category (Class-IV, Class-III, Class-B/Group- II and Class-I/Group-I) of the employee at the district level will be given. For 31 districts of the state, total number of incentives will be 31 X 4 = 124. There will be eight more incentives - @ four each in the Heads of Departments, Secretariat respectively. This will make the total number of incentives to 132.

4. If applications not received for any of the category the same may be treated as nil.

5. Out of the 132 incentives, at state level 12 state best employees will be selected @ (1st rank , 2nd rank, 3rd rank) in each category of employees (Class-IV, Class-III, Class-B/Group-II and Class-I/Group-I)

6. All 132 selected employees will be given an entry of the appreciation in service record, one increment for one year and a letter of commendation.

7. The state best 12 employees in addition will be given cash incentive of Rs. 5.00 lakh for the 1st rank, Rs.3.00 lakh for the 2nd rank and Rs.2.00 lakh for the 3rd rank .

8. The selection process at the district level will be done by the district scrutiny committee consisting five members as follows.(i) The District Collector - Chairperson(ii) District Revenue Officer - Convenor (iii) Chief Planning Officer - Member (iv) Department representative - Member (v) Department representative - Member(iv) and (v) as selected by District Collector.

9. The job of the District level committee will be to receive nomination (online), scrutinize, select and forward the best four for further selection of the State best by the State scrutiny Committee. IT & C Department will give individual login id to each District Collector.
10. The District level committee will make a specific recommendation with rationale for selecting the particular employee as a nominee for the state best incentive through online in the given template.
11. The nomination for the employees incentive @ 4 for Head of the Departments /Secretariat respectively will be received processed and put up for selection to the state level scrutiny committee by the incentive cell of General Administration (GPM&AR) Department.
12. The state level scrutiny committee will consist of seven members as follows: (i) Spl. C.S, Planning - Chairperson (ii) Spl. C.S, Animal Husbandry - Member (iii)(iv) Prl. Secretary, GAD(GPM&AR)Prl. Secretary, GAD(Poll) - Convener- Member (v) Prl. Secretary, Finance - Member (vi)(vii) Collector, Hyderabad Commissioner, Health & Family welfare - Member - Member
13. The state level committee will select eight employees for the incentive @ four each in the Heads of Department and Secretariat. The selection of 12 best employees at the state level from the list of 132 will be done by the state level scrutiny committee.
14. For the incentive scheme, the performance of the preceding year will be assessed. For the current year 2017, the performance of the financial year 2016-2017 will be assessed.
15. Application for the incentive will be accepted online from 21st July 2017 00:00:01 hours to 31st July 2017 23:59:59 hours.
16. All District Collectors, Heads of Department and Secretaries of Secretariat are requested to give vide publicity through electronic and print media. All Departments in the Secretariat, to issue Circular instructions to their employees and through their respective Heads of Departments to the field level employees of the State.

Telangana State Employees Incentive Scheme Awards Online Application Form:
Telangana State Employees Incentive Scheme Awards Online Application Form

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