ISRO World Space Week Celebrations, Exhibitions, Events from 04th to 10th October 2017

The Government of India,  Indian Space Research Organization is to popularize Remote Sensing among the school and college students.  National Remote Sensing Center, Hyderabad, one of the prestigious organizations of ISRO, has taken up the mandate by delivering lectures to the underprivileged schools and colleges of India.  NRSC Scientists has visited many schools and colleges to popularize Remote Sensing and its Applications.

ISRO World Space Week Celebrations, Exhibitions

We would like to once again reach out to the students through "World Space Week" 04th to 10th October 2017, which is an important international event celebrated since 1999 according to United Nations (UN) resolution.

ISRO has successfully launched many Remote Sensing, Communication and Interplanetary missions.  At NRSC Balanagar "World Space Week" is being celebrated from 04th to 08th October 2017.  The theme being “Exploring New Worlds in Space”.  We would like to share our knowledge and experience through exhibitions at our Outreach facility, Jeedimetla and Balanagar campus. Exhibition comprises of digital displays,  video clipping, live demos and models.  This is an opportunity for the students to have live interaction with ISRO scientists and to know new concepts as well.

On this national event and for the benefit of the students, we wish necessary permissions may be given to the schools for visiting the exhibition.   We welcome all the interested students along with their teachers and parents to visit us during 04th to 08th October 2017.  Kindly let us know your interest.  Also the number of participants and the day of visit may be intimated before 25th September 2017 to the undersigned.  Looking forward for your feedback and active participation.

WEEK (WSW) 2017: World Space Week (WSW) is celebrated all over the world during tith to lOr October every year to corn mernoi significant achievements of space exploration. On 4th October 1957, the firs't man made artificial satellite was put into earth orbit by the Soviet Union. Exactly ten years later, On October 1967, a treaty on peaceful use of outer space was signed by UNO and it declared the period between 4th to 10th October as 'World Space Week".

SDSC SHAR will be Celebrating the "World Space Week 2017" during 8th - 9th October 2017 at Ramagundam with the collaboration of NTPC LIMITED, RAMAGUNDAM. Through the celebrations, it is planned to propagate the benefits of Indian Space Programme to majority of Scientific, Academic and General Public and to spread the awareness about Space technology that will stimulate the young minds and reap benefits for future generations.

ISRO World Space Week Celebrations, Exhibitions, Events from 04th to 10th October 2017

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