How to give TS LAWCET Web Options 2019 on

How to give TS LAWCET Web Options on TS LAWCET-2019 Admissions Procedure to Exercise Web Options: The qualified and eligible candidates of TS LAWCET/TS PGLCET 2019 Examinations should attend the certificate verification for Web counselling for admission into LL.B (3-years courses) and BBA LL.B / BA LL.B / B.Com LL.B (5-years integrated courses) & LL.M courses for the academic year 2019-2020 as per the schedule at the following Help Line centres.  Candidate has to get the certificates verified at Help Line Centre before he/she can start exercising options. PIN number would be sent to registered mobile number. Exercise web options as per the schedule. Allotment will be made in the order of preference of options and exercise utmost care while entering options. Candidate can download the provisional allotment order and report to the concerned college.

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30న‌ ఎడ్‌సెట్, పీఈసెట్ కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ కాలపట్టిక ఖరారు
బీఈడీ కోర్సుల్లో ప్రవేశానికి వీలుగా ఎడ్‌సెట్, బీపీఎడ్‌లలో చేరికకు ‘పీఈసెట్‌ కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ నిర్వహణ కాలపట్టిక’ జులై 30న‌ ఖరారు కానుంది. ప్రవేశాల కమిటీలు అదే రోజు తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర ఉన్నత విద్యామండలి కార్యాలయంలో సమావేశమై చర్చిస్తాయి. డిగ్రీ పరీక్షల ఫలితాల విడుదల ఆలస్యం కావడంతో, ఈసారి కౌన్సెలింగ్‌లోనూ జాప్యం జరుగుతోంది. డిగ్రీ చివరి సెమిస్టర్‌ ఫలితాలు విడుదలైనా, కొందరు విద్యార్థులకు ఇతర సెమిస్టర్లలో బ్యాక్‌లాగ్‌లు ఉన్నాయి. వాటి ఫలితాలు కూడా వెల్లడైతేనే కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ చేపట్టే అవకాశం ఉంటుంది. వీటన్నింటిని దృష్టిలో పెట్టుకొని కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ తేదీలను ధ్రువీకరిస్తారు. మొత్తానికి ఆగస్టు 15వ తేదీనాటికి మొదటి విడత సీట్లను కేటాయిస్తామని అధికారవర్గాలు చెబుతున్నాయి. ఈ నెలాఖరున పీజీ ఇంజినీరింగ్, లాసెట్‌ కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ తేదీలను సైతం ఖరారు చేయనున్నారు

The qualified candidates of TS LAWCET & PGLCET-2019 are hereby informed that the certificate verification for exercising web options for admission into 3/5 years law courses i.e. LL.B through TS Law Common Entrance Test (TS LAWCET-2019) according to the G.O.Ms.No.64 dt:26.05.2006 and for admission into 2 year PG law course i.e. LL.M through TS PG Law Common Entrance Test (TS PGLCET-2019) according to the G.O. Ms. No.116 dt:07.08.2007 for the academic year 2019-19, will commence from 22.10.2019. For detailed notification please visit the website:,

1. Certificates verification Dates: ..-10-2019
2. Certificates verification Dates for NCC, PHC, Army Students: ..-10-2019
3. Web Options Entry dates: ..-10-2019
4. Changing Web Options: The Candidates desired to change their options can change only on ...10.2019 upto 5:00pm. The list of Colleges is available on the website

How to give TS LAWCET Web Options on
TS LAWCET-2019 Admissions Procedure to Exercise Web Options.....
Step 1: Open the website . The TS LAWCET Homepage is displayed.

Step 2: Click on the web options link. The TS LAWCET login screen will be displayed

Step 3: Enter your TSLAWCET-2019 Hall Ticket Number, Date of Birth and Rank and click “LOGIN” button to proceed.

Step 4: TS LAWCET Security PIN Options Page
Select any one of the options either “registered mobile” (or) “registered emailid” to receive “5 digit PIN number”. Click on “send PIN” button to receive the PIN. Do not share this PIN number with others.
Note: To update your “registered mobile” click on “new mobile”. You will receive a PIN number to the updated “new mobile number”. (All alerts / notifications / messages will be sent to the updated mobile number.) Each time you login use the same “PIN number”.

Step 5: Enter “5” digit PIN number sent to your “registered mobile / email id” in text box as shown in TS LAWCET Web page:
- Click “verify” to proceed to exercise “web options”
- Click “resend” incase forgot / didn’t receive pin number
- To sign out here click “sign out”.

Step 6: After successfully login, verify the information submitted at the time of registration for “TSLAWCET-2019” .
Click “submit” to proceed and continue to “web options” (before “submit” click on the “I Agree”
check box)

- Click “Add Options” to enable the optional list for selection of colleges
- Course wise / College type / Fee type in the web options page as shown below:
- A window will appear displaying College details / Information for selection. Scroll Up/Down to view college list.
- Click on the check box to “SELECT” / “UNSELECT” the college.
*applicant can select “ multi p le colleges” from th e li st disp layed in the window.
- Click “view checked” to view all the selected list of options. Click “uncheck” to clear list / clear all selected options.
- Use “search” field to access a particular college /Course/ College Type/ Fee Type/ District.
- Click “Add” to continue and proceed to view selected options.

Step 8: Priority Change
The priority of the college displayed can be changed by selecting the college and click the UP
button to move up and down button to move down. To remove the college option click remove button
To Add more colleges click “Add Options” Button.

Step 9: Click “SAVE & CONTINUE” to proceed for the submission of priority list.
Click “CONFIRM” to save the current options. The options can be modified later if required.

- Candidates can view the Final List of Colleges before Final Submission.
- Candidates can click “Back” Button to Edit / Remove / Add Colleges in the Final Priority List.
- Click “Final Submit” to submit the final options list. A copy of the options list is mailed to the candidates registered maid ID.
- Once “Final Submit” is clicked the candidate can’t make any kind of changes or edit the list of options.

Step 11: Print the List of Options
Click the Print Button to take a print of the submitted priority list
Candidate can down load the priority list from the email box using “registered mail id”.

TS LAWCET/PGLCET 2019 Web options, Certificates verification dates for Counselling

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