TSWR Fine Arts School 6th Class Entrance Exam Pattern 2019 for Written Exam, Skill Test

TSWR Fine Arts School 6th Class Entrance Exam Pattern 2019: Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, TSWREIS has given the TSWR Fine Arts School 6th Class Entrance Test 2019 notification and Online Application forms are invited form the eligible 5th Class students for admission into 6th Class in Telangana Social Welfare Residential Fine Arts School (Co-Ed), Malkajgiri, Medchal District for the academic year 2019-20. As the TSWR Fine Arts School is a specialized institution and first of its kind in the education sector of the Telangana state, candidates from all over the Telangana state can apply for admissions.

TSWR Fine Arts School 6th Class Entrance Exam Pattern 2019 for Written Exam, Skill Test

Exam Pattern for TSWR Fine Arts School 6th Class Entrance Test:
The Seats will be filled through two types of screening tests, mentioned below, for securing admissions in Class 6.
Screening Test A. Written Exam: A written exam on academic subjects of class V
Screening Test B. Skill Test : A skill test in Fine Arts (Discipline wise).

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Screening Tests in TSWR Fine Arts School 6th Class Entrance Test:
Following two types of screening tests will be conducted for admissions into class VI in TSWR Fine Arts School, Malkajgiri, Medchal District. The schedule details of the tests are given below.

Exam Type, Marks, Date of Entrance Exam and Session & Timings
1. Written Exam: A Written entrance exam to be conducted on academic subjects of up to class-V - 50 Marks - 26.05.2019 - Morning Session At 10 am To 11.30 am
2. Skill Test: A skill test in Fine Arts (Discipline wise) 50 Marks 26.05.2019 Afternoon Session At 12.15 pm

Written Exam:
The written exam will be conducted in following academic subjects for marks as stated below.
A) English - 10 Marks
B) Telugu - 10 Marks
C) Maths - 10 Marks
D) Mental Ability - 10 Marks
E) Environmental Science - 10 Marks
F) TOTAL - 50 Marks
1. The Questions for written examination will be of multiple choice type [MCQs].
2. Each question carries ONE mark.
3. The candidates should write correct answer of each question in the space provided just opposite each question.
4. Otherwise valuation cannot be done.

Basic Skill Test:
The basic skill test in fine arts’ disciplines will be conducted on following parameters.
Fine Arts Skill Test - Parameters
I. Music - Vocal:
1. Shruthi Maintaining accurate Shruthi / Pitch while singing
2. Rhythm / Laya Maintaining correct tempo/ speed while singing
3. Vocal Range: The high note of the range should be clear and there should be no strain on the voice. The lower notes also need to be clear and they should have power in them.
4. Accent / Pronunciation: Pronounce words with clarity
5. Overall Presentation: An overall impression

II. Music - Instrument
1. Scales: Knowledge on scales/ Melody
2. Rhythm: Rhythm while playing the Instrument / Rhythm Patterns
3. Fingering: Techniques Fingering techniques while playing the instruments
4. Overall Presentation: An Overall impression

III. Dance:
1. Rhythm / Timing: Rhythm in Dance Steps
2. Expressions: Abhinayam, Facial Expressions
3. Gestures: Body Postures and Gestures
4. Floor Movements: Usage of Floor area / stage while performing
5. Overall Presentation: An Overall impression

IV. Theater Arts:
1. Basic Expressions: Expressive Aspects: Emotional intensity, expression and body language
2 Acting Skill: Appropriate Action , Controlled and appropriate use of body, facial expression, space and gesture
3. Pronunciation: Appropriate voice modulation, Clarity in delivering dialogues, Dialogue that is audible, clear and appropriate to character and dramatic action?
4. Energy: Timing, rhythm,
5. Overall: Impression An overall Impression

TSWR Fine Arts School 6th Class Entrance Test:
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V. Painting & Drawing:
1. Creativity /Originality: Creativity aspect in presenting the art as per the Theme
2. Colors:  Did the child choose colors that work together well?
3. Technique / Skills: How much expertise is demonstrated with their drawing techniques and skills? Are these skills consistently applied in an accurate and expressive manner?
4. Mode of Presentation: Do the materials chosen contribute to an effective presentation of idea or image? Does their effort and attention to detail enhance project? For example charcoal tends to create a moody feeling whereas oil pastels can convey a great deal beyond subject through mark making and colour.
5. Overall Presentation: How a picture is cared for and presented shows professionalism

a.  The basic skill test in Fine Arts disciplines will be conducted by the concerned Fine Arts’ instructors under supervision of the Music Consultant of TSWR Fine Arts School, Malkajgiri .
b. The Candidates may bring their musical instruments for Fine Arts’ skill test, however it is not mandatory.
c. Candidates appearing for DANCE Skill test, may bring audio songs/tracks of their choice in a pen drive or in a mobile phone.
d. Candidates appearing for Painting & Drawing skill test should bring a Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener, Colour Pencil box & Scale.
e. The admission shall be provided based on the combined merit of both tests and community reservation.
f. In case if two (or) more candidates get the same merit, marks secured in Fine Arts Skill test will be considered first, then their DOB will be considered later.

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