What Next? After 10th Class. Awareness to Students to Select Career & To get Join in further courses

What Next? After 10th Class. What after 10th Class. Awareness to the Students to Select Career and Get Join in further courses after 10th Class. The courses after 10th, is an earnest effort of the SCERT to facilitate students while exploring for right course choices. While all care has been taken to provide information, although in brief, about the traditional, popular and new age courses, it still may not be comprehensive. The intention is limited to creating awareness among the students (please also see disclaimer). The SCERT will not be responsible for any inadvertent omission, variation in information, nature of courses and availability in a particular institute that may take place over time. For details, classifications or combinations, users are requested to visit the official websites of Commissionerate of Intermediate - bie.telangana.gov.in; IIIT Basara - www.rgukt.ac.in
Polytechnic - www.sbtet.telangana.gov.in; Telangana Open School Society - www.telanganaopenschool.org; ITIs - iti.telangana.gov.in; and Individual Institutions.

What Next? After 10th Class. Awareness to the Students to Select Career & To get Join in further courses

CSE Telangana has given guidelines on Orientation to 10th Class Passed students and their parents and Suggestions to select career. In this regarding, CSE has given instructions all the District Educational Officers in the state are instructed to provide issue orientation to students who passed 10th class students and their parents for further courses to get admissions.

The courses offered by Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education, Polytechnic courses offered by State Board of Technical Education and Training TS, Short term courses offered by State Board of Technical Education and Training Telangana are compiled and courses offered by Telangana Open School Society (TOSS) etc., is herewith enclosed for general information to the parents/students.

The list of courses and that of Institutes/Boards is in not exhaustive. These lists are only illustrative and are expected to generate enough curiosity in the child to want to inquire/explore further on the scope, possibilities, avenues, etc. for each of these courses and/or for looking for other options/areas that go beyond these courses. It may also be noted that most of these courses are also offered by several other institutions. The reader is expected to further research on this.  Therefore all the Dist Educational Officers/MEOs/HMs in the State are instructed to communicate the said information for their guidance.

After 10th Class:
One of the most significant decision is stream selection After 10th Class. With the board exams results would be declared in May in every. It is now time for the 10th Class students, facing the question bold and clear in the minds of all-which stream to select? While very few know what they want to do and which stream to select to reach their goal, most of the students are still at the crossroads and pondering upon the thought of which direction to go , which stream to select. The journey till 10th Class is smooth sailing. The goal of every 10th Class is to excel in boards, in all the subjects, and that is the wiser thought for the time.

However, in this race of scores and ranks most of the students forget to explore their interests and aptitude. This is what makes stream selection difficult for them. Students start thinking Whats Next After 10th Class? Gone are the days where most of the people opted for Sciences due to the opinion people have that sciences fetch better job opportunities. Now the scenario has totally changed. Many options are placed in front of a students. While some parents are still with the thought that sciences are the only fetching career, some parents encourage their wards to select the stream of their choice. The fact is, today courses and colleges are numerous.

Then how do we narrow down to one stream, one course? Students do find the process of stream selection intimidating as they never thought of the next challenge they need to take. It is another transition that a student has to face and this time a major one. The good news is there are different ways to help the students make an informed and wise choice.

First, as adults, it is our duty to encourage students to explore the career options and start discussing about their goals and ideas about career and bring them out of the career related dilemmas they might have. Some of the common dilemmas students have are about stream selection are: Which board to select: This is another criteria that students need to decide. Boards like CBSE, ICSE, IB and state board are some options open for all 10th Class students. There is no measurable research to easily decide one over the other. It depends on what kind of course the students wants to pursue further. While all the boards have syllabus almost at the same levels, the curriculum is something a student and parent need to understand. It is very subjective to each student’s requirement, interest and personality.

How to narrow down the choice: Often a merit student scores good marks in all the subjects. That is when score card does not help much in stream selection. It is the aptitude and interest that needs to be taken into consideration. Sciences can fetch better career compared to other: It is an old myth originating decades ago. It is a good idea to keep yourself away from this talk and make a more personalized decision as each and every student has different interests and unique abilities. It is important to know about all the streams, its scope and changing trends. This widens the outlook and makes the student ready for a perfect career choice. Now to give an outline of the stream choices available, we can say that all the courses can be divided into the four categories.

Science: Mathematical and biological sciences that leads towards engineering and medical/non-medical careers typically.
Commerce: This is one of popular streams among students are inclined towards Business and Management. It can also go towards professional courses like CA, CS or CMA
Humanities: These are the non-science subjects like Psychology, History, Geography, Political sciences and Sociology to name few. Students from Humanities stream make their career towards teaching or they can also prepare themselves for competitive exams.
Other: Some non- conventional careers like acting, gaming, interior design, movie making and journalism fall under this category. With certifications and proper training students can excel in these careers. Stream selection after 10th is more of an exploration and research. As adults the best way to encourage student to come to a decision is to provide lot of career related resources, career discussions, and positive exposure towards career. It is very important to put all the career options in front of students and explain them about each choice. This is the time to explore and take the decision of a lifetime, As said by Gandhiji, The future depends on what you do today.

What Next? After 10th Class 
I. Intermediate Courses offered by Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education – Two Year Program 
A. Sciences: 
1. Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry
2. Botany – Zoology – Physics – Chemistry
B. Humanities : 
1. Mathematics – Economics – Commerce
2. History – Economics - Civics
3. History – Geography – Economics
4. Commerce – Economics - Civics
5. Commerce – Economics - Geography
6. Modern Language – History - Civics
7. Classical Language – History - Civics
8. Classical Language – Modern Language – History
9. Modern Language – Economics -History
10. Modern Language – Economics – Commerce
11. Commerce – Economics – History
12. Geography – History – Civics
13. Public Administration - Economics - Civics
14. Public Administration - History - Civics
15. Public Administration - Commerce - Civics
16. Public Administration - Economics - Commerce
17. Psychology – Economics – History
18. History – Geography – Public Administration

Free Inter Admissions : TS Inter Admissions

II. Courses offered by IIIT Basara 
1. 6- year integrated Degree programmes at Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge & Technologies, Basara (IIIT, Basara)after 10th class:  A six year integrated programme of education, each year consisting of 3 semesters leading to a B. Tech. degree is offered by IIIT, Basara in the following engineering disciplines: 
a) Chemical Engineering 
b) Civil Engineering 
c) Computer Science and Engineering 
d) Electronics & Communications Engineering 
e) Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering 
f) Mechanical Engineering 

2. The first part of the six year course is a two-year Pre-University Course [equivalent to Telangana Intermediate] followed by a second part of four- year Engineering Course. After the first part, there is a permitted exit after Pre-University Course of first two years, if the student chooses to go for a career in other professional programs.


III. Polytechnic Courses offered by State Board of Technical Education  and Training, Telangana - Three Year Program 
1. Civil Engineering 
2. Architectural Assistantship 
3. Automobile Engineering 
4. Mechanical Engineering 
5. Electrical & Electronics Engineering 
6. Electronics & Communication Engineering 
7. Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 
8. Computer Engineering 
9. Mining Engineering 
10. Metallurgical Engineering 
11. Textile Technology 
12. Chemical Engineering 
13. Commercial and Computer Practice 
14. Garment Technology


IV. Special Courses Offered in State wide Institutions in Polytechnics, Telangana- Three Year Program 
1. Packaging Technology (SW) 
2. Printing Technology 
3. Embedded Systems (SW) 
4. Computer Engineering (Sandwich) 
5. Electronics & Communication Engineering (Sandwich) 
6. Industrial Electronics (Sandwich) 
7. Electronics and Video Engineering (Sandwich) 
8. Bio Medical Engineering (Sandwich) 
9. Leather Technology 
10. Footwear Technology 

V. Short term Courses offered by State Board of Technical Education and Training, 
1. Office Automation 6 Months
2. Auto Cad 6 Months 
3. Web Design 6 Months 
4. PC Maintain & Troubleshooting 6 Months 
5. Basic Animation 6 Months

Hotel Management: 
1. Food Protection 1 Year 
2. Food & Beverage Services 6 Months 
1. Industrial Safety 1 Year 
2. Fire Safety 6 Months 
3. Chemical Safety 6 Months 
Fashion Technology 
1. Interior Designing 1 Year 
2. Fashion Designing & Garment Making 1 year 
1. Yoga Vigyan 3 months 
2. Yoga Vigyan for Teachers 6 months 

VI. List of Vocational Courses offered by State Institution of Vocational Education (Commissionerate of Intermediate Education, Telangana) 
A. Agriculture Courses 
1. Agricultural Crop Production (ACP) (Old Name – Crop Production & Management). 
2. Live Stock Management & Dairy Technology (LM&DT) (Old Name – Dairying) 
3. Fisheries Fish 
4. Sericulture (Seri) 

B. Business & Commerce Courses 
1. Accounting & Taxation (A&T) 
2. Offer Assistantship (O.A) 
3. Insurance & Marketing (I&M) 
4. Retail Management (R.M) 
C. Engineering & Technology Courses 
1. Automobile Engineering Technician 
2. Construction Technology (C.T) 
3. Computer Science (C.S) (Old Name – Computer Science Engineering) 
4. Electronics and Communication Technician (Old Name – Electronics Engineering Technology 
5. Electrical Technology (E.T) 

D. Home Science Courses 
1. Mechanical Technology (M.T) (Old Name – Mechanical Engineering Technician (M.E.T) 
2. Commercial Garment Technology (C.G.T) 
3. Pre-School Teacher Training (P.S.T.T) 
4. Tourism & Hospitality Management (T&HM) (Old Name – Tourism & 
Travel Technology from the academic year 2017-18. 
5. Medical Lab Technician (M.L.T) 
6. Physiotherapy (P.T) 
7. Multipurpose Health Worker Female MPHW (F) 
8. Pharma Technology (Ph.T) From the academic year 2017-18 
VII. Short Term Vocational Certificate Courses (STVCC) offered by State Institution of Vocational Education (Commissioner of Intermediate Education, Telangana) 
A. Engineering Sector 
1. Basic Automotive Servicing (2-3 Wheelers) 
2. Basic Automotive Servicing (4 Wheelers) 
3. Basic Electronics (Repair & Maintenance of power) 
4. Basic Welding 
5. CAD operator 
6. Basic Refrigeration & Air Condition 
7. Junior Land Surveyor 
8. Assistant work supervisor 
9. Works Supervisor 
10. Senior Land Surveyor 

B. Information Technology Sector 
1. Computer Fundamentals, M-Office, Internet 
2. Desk Top Publishing 
3. Computer Hardware 
4. Web Designing 

C. Commerce/Retail Sector 
1. Cell Phone Technology 
2. Retail Operations 
3. Accounting Package (Tally) 
4. Legal Assistant 
5. Taxation 
6. Office Management 

D. Home Science Sector 
1. Fashion Designing with Computer Base 
2. Beautician 
3. Pre-primary Teacher Training 
4. Apparel construction 
5. Hospitality Assistant 

E. Animal Husbandry & Other Areas 
1. Event Management 
2. Security Service 
3. Gardener 
4. Dairy Farming 
5. Dairy Farm Worker 

F. Paramedical Sector 
1. Dental Ceramic Assistant 
2. Dental Hygiene Assistant 
3. Optometrist Assistant 
4. Pharmacy Assistant 
5. Dialysis Assistant 
6. Bedside Assistant 
7. Basic of Anatomy & Physiology 
8. Midwifery Assistant 
9. Operation Theatre Technician 
10. Health Care Multipurpose Worker 

VIII. List of Technical Certificate Examinations conducted by Board of Secondary Education (Director of Government Examination) 
A. Technical Certificate Course Examination: 
Course Eligibility 
1. Drawing Lower Lower Grade – 7th Pass 
2. Tailoring & Embroidery Lower 
3. Drawing Higher Higher Grade – 10th Pass & Lower Pass in the concerned 4. Tailoring & Embroidery Higher Trade or Pass in Vocational Course in concerned Trade 

B. Technical Teacher’s Certificate (Lower) Theory Examination: 
Course Eligibility 
1. Agriculture 10th Pass and Pass in TCC Lower Grade 
2. Cutting & Sewing or Vocational Course or Diploma or 
3. Needlework & Dress Making Certificate Course or Bachelor of Fine 
4. Drawing Arts of any University and should have 
5. Hindustani Music completed TTC 42 days Summer 
6. Karnatic Music Training Course to be conducted from 
7. Tailoring & Embroidery - 1st May to 12th June at Hyderabad, 
8. Wood Work - Warangal, Nizamabad, Nalgonda and Karimnagar Centres. 

IX. List of Trades offered in I.T.I.s in Telangana State 
A. Engineering Trades: 
1. Draughtsman (Civil) – Two Years 
2. Draughtsman (Mechanical) - Two Years 
3. Electrician - Two Years 
4. Electronics Mechanic - Two Years 
5. Fitter - Two Years 
6. Information Communication Technology System Maintenance-Two Years 
7. Instrument Mechanic - Two Years 
8. Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant) - Two Years 
9. Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant) - Two Years 
10. Machinist - Two Years 
11. Machinist (Grinder) - Two Years 
12. Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner ) - Two Years 
13. Mechanic Computer Hardware - Two Years 
14. Mechanic motor Vehicle - Two Years 
15. Turner - Two Years 
16. Wireman - Two Years 
17. Foundry man – One Year 
18. Mechanic Diesel - One Year 
19. Plastic Processing Operator- One Year 
20. Plumber- One Year 
21. Carpenter - One Year 
22. Sheet Metal Worker - One Year 
23. Welder - One Year 
List of Trades offered in I.T.I.s in Telangana State 
B. Non – Engineering Trades: 
1. Dental Laboratory Technician – Two Years 
2. Computer Operator and programming Assistant - One Year 
3. Dress Making - One Year 
4. Health Sanitary Inspector - One Year 
5. Hospital House Keeping - One Year 
6. Litho Offset Machine Minder - One Year 
7. Pre/Preparatory School Management (Assistant) - One Year 
8. Sewing Technology - One Year 
9. Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English) - One Year 
10. Driver cum Mechanic (Light motor Vehicle)- Six Months 

Telangana Open School Society (TOSS) offers Intermediate course in distance mode. The scheme of studies for Intermediate Academic and Vocational Courses offered by TOSS; Group-wise classification of subjects with Code Nos. are as follows: 
Code and Subject
Group ‘A’:
301 Hindi 302 English- Compulsory 305 Telugu 306 Urdu 310 Arabic
Group ‘B’:
311 Mathematics 312 Physics 313 Chemistry 314 Biology 315 History 316 Geography 317 Political Science/(Civics) 318 Economics 319 Commerce/Business Studies 320 Accountancy 321 Home Science 328 Psychology 331 Sociology 335 Mass Communication 
 Group ‘C’:
404 Painting 404 Early Childhood Care & Education 426 Apparel Fashion Designing 430 Computer Science 460 Hotel Front Office Operation 462 Soil and Fertilizer Management 

TOSS offers Intermediate Course in distance mode in two categories, viz., Category(1) and Category(2): 
Category(1): For category (1) of the Intermediate course with five subjects, the combination is as follows: 
Under Group A-English is compulsory and candidates can take one more language as per their option: 
Category 2: For category (2) of the Intermediate course with six subjects, combination is as follows: 
Telangana Open School Society (TOSS) Intermediate: 
If the candidate wishes to use TOSS Intermediate certificate for higher  studies, it is in their interest that they keep in mind the requirements of the  courses/Universities they wish to join after passing TOSS Intermediate Course.  The Entry Requirements of Certain Universities in Telangana for certain Degree / Professional courses, are given by TOSS as follows. 

Guidelines to learners who want to study Higher Course: 
i) Eligibility criteria for Admission into Engineering Courses – a pass 
in Intermediate course with Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English as the subjects. 
ii) Eligibility criteria for Medical, Agriculture and Veterinary courses – a pass in Intermediate course with Biology, Physics and Chemistry, English subjects. 
iii) Eligibility criteria for Admission into B.A./B.com/B.B.M/B.Sc./B.Sc.  (Home Science) Courses – As per existing norms, the qualifying examination for admission to any of the various degree courses is pass in Intermediate Public Examination held by any recognized  Boards of Intermediate Education / Sr. Secondary or its equivalent examination. 

Disclaimer: The list of courses and that of Institutes/Boards is in no way exhaustive. These lists are only illustrative and are expected to generate enough curiosity in the child to want to inquire/explore further on the scope, possibilities, avenues, etc. for each of these courses and/or for looking for other options/areas that go beyond these courses. It may also be noted that most of these courses are also offered by several other institutions. The reader is expected to further research on this. Efforts will be made to update the content to the extent possible.

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