IFMIS Online Employee Pay Slips /Salary Certificate for TS Employees

Online Employee Salary details are available on IFMIS Pay Slip website. TS Employees can Download the Month wise Online Employee Pay Slip /Salary Certificate/ Salary Slips in PDF Format from PD Treasury Telangana Website. So, Telangana State Government Employees may download the Online Salary Certificate or Online Salary Particulars or Online Employee Pay Slip  in pdf Format with token number with date, TBR Number and necessary Details. This Online Pay Slip is useful to like Official Salary Particulars Certificate to Telangana State Govt employees for applying Personal Loan and Bank Loan Purpose. All TS Govt Employee may know or get month wise salary particulars for use as Salary Certificate without any password, Employee should have only Employee Id (STO Treasury ID) OR Salary Bank Account Number.

IFMIS Online Employee Pay Slips /Salary Certificate for TS Employees

IFMIS Pay Slip: Detailed Pay Slip Contains the DDO Designation, DDO CODE, Employee Code, Employee Name, Employee Designation, Employee GPF No, Employee TSGLI No, Employee PAN No, Bank A/C No, Bank IFSC, Bank Name, Employee Scale, Chq No, Chq Date, Token No, Token Date, Bill Date, Bill Gross Amount, Bill Deduction Amount, Bill Net Amount, Employee Earnings Details : (Basic + DA + HRA + Telangana Increment), Employee Deductions Details: ( ZP GPF +  PT +  TSGLI(S) + Group Insurance Premium), Employee Earnings, Employee Deductions and Employee Net Amount

IFMIS: Integrated Financial Management & Information System is A Revolutionary system which automates the main processes of the Finance Department of Telangana. IFMIS is a comprehensive system where all its stakeholders rely on a single data source.

IFMIS Pay Slip SMS Alerts:
Every month salary particulars would be received to the each employ through SMS Alerts System from the IFMIS Pay Slip web Portal. Salary Details SMS Alert like below

(Tel M-Pay Slip May-2019)
Hello, Employee Name (1234567),
Your salary for amt Rs.44711.00 has been processed.
Earnings (47971.00):
Deductions (3260.00):
Net (44711.00):
A/c No:9876543210
IFSC Code: SBIN1234567
Click here for full payslip

How to Download the Pay Particulars on Online Directly:
Step by step by online Pay Slip downloading procedure details given here. Employee should follow the following steps for downloading the IFMIS Pay Slip. "IFMIS Employee Basic Details" Updated Employee can access the IFMIS Pay Slip Web Portal and he can download the his Online Pay Slips only by the way of OPT Secure Method. So, An Employee cannot download the Other Employee's Pay Slip.

Steps to download the Online Pay Slips form IFMIS Website:
Employees can follow these below steps:......

Step 1: First visit the IFMIS - Telangana Official PD Treasury Website by

Step 2: In this home page, click on the PAYSLIP Button, then, Generate Payslips Web Page will be opened

Step 3: In this IFMIS Play Slips Website, You can download the Pay slip by Employee Code OR Bank Account Number

Step 5: Now, Enter the Employee Code OR Bank Account Number in the required field and click on the Search Button

Step 6: Your Details will be appeared on this page
DDO Code: 10032202229
Phone Number: XXX XXX 3067

Step 7: Click on the Send OTP Button, An One Time Password(4 digit) will be received to your mobile number and enter the received OTP in the required fields

Step 8: Then, Generate Pay Slip Option will be enabled for you

Step 9: Now, Select the month and year form the drop down list and Click on the Generate Pay Slip Button

Step 10: Finally, Your Online Detailed Pay Slip will be Generated

Step 11: Now, Click on the Print Button, file will be opened for Printing OR Saving

Step 12: You can set the file Layout in Landscape mode

Step 13: Take a print or Save PDF file for future reference

IFMIS Pay Slips:
Pay slips(Get New Slips)
Salary Details (Old Slips)

IFMIS Pay Slips

With this pay slip is very useful to adding TSGLI, GPF missing credits and apply for new TSGLI Account Purpose.

IFMIS Employee Basic Details : IFMIS Basic Details Update Form

Model IFMIS Online Pay Slip
Detailed Pay Slip for the Month of April 2019
  Detailed Pay Slip for the Month of May-2019  
Emp Code: 1234567Emp Name: Employee Name
GPF No: ZP-12345DDO DESG: Mandal Educational Officer   
DDOCODE: 0123456789   
Designation: Secondary Grade Teacher    
DDO REG:      
TSGLI No: L-123456-A PAN No: APCD1234E
Bank A/C No: 9876543210Bank IFSC: SBIN1234567
Bank: STATE BANK OF INDIA Scale: 28940.00-789
Chq No:   Chq Date:  
Basic 34,170.00
DA 9311.00
HRA 4100.00
Tel Inc 390.00
ZP GPF 1500.00
PT 200.00
TSGLI(S) 1500.00
Group Ins Prin 60.00
EARNINGS: 47,971.00DEDUCTIONS: 3260.00NET: 44,711.00
Token No:0000000519 Bill Gross Amt Rs.: 37,04,763.00 Bill Date: 21-05-2019
Token Date: 21-05-2019 Bill Net Amt Rs.: 32,78,994.00 Deduction Amt Rs.: 4,25,769.

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    1. Employee should update their details like PAN, Aadhar Number, Phone Number(working) at your DDO Website by your Bill In-charge. When you enter the Employee Id in the required field you can receive the "OTP" immediately