AP SSC Question Paper Changes, Exam Pattern & No bit paper, no internal marks in AP 10th Class Exam 2020

AP SSC Exam 2020 - AP SSC Question Paper Changes and Exam Pattern and No bit paper, no internal marks in AP SSC Annual examination: The format of the tenth class question paper has been changed. Question Paper-bit paper is no different. Bit paper is also integrated into the Question  Paper itself. Internal marks are cancelled. The AP state government has decided to remove separate objective type question paper (known as bit paper) from the SSC annual examinations. AP Government also decided to remove internal assessment marks (20) from the annual examination. The short answers questions will be included in the main question paper. A book-let with 18 pages including the answer sheet will be provided to the students at the beginning of the examination.

AP SSC Question Paper Changes, Exam Pattern & No bit paper, no internal marks in AP SSC Exam 2020

Govt has decided to completely revamp the SSC examination pattern after studying various modules to improve the quality in the education. Govt also decided to increase the total time from the existing 2 hours 30 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes by giving 15 minutes of additional time. As per the new pattern, the students have to answer four essay questions each carrying five marks (4X5=20), eight short answer questions with two marks to each question (8X2=16), eight very short answer questions with each question carrying 1 mark (8X1=8) and 12 brief answer questions with half mark to each question (12X1/2=6). Each paper will be given for 50 marks. According to AP Education minister

Changes in AP SSC Exam (10th Class Annual Exam)
  • No bit paper (objective type question paper)
  • No internal marks (Internal assessment marks)
  • No separate Answer sheets, 18 Pages Book-let to be given
  • Increased Total Time (Exam Duration)
  • New Exam Pattern (Very Short Answer, Simple Answer, Short Answer, Essay)
  • Each Subject have 2 Question Papers (Paper I and Paper II)
  • Each Question Paper have total 50 Marks
  • Each Question Paper have 4 Sections

AP SSC Exam Pattern 2020
1Very Short

AP SSC Exam Duration: (2.45 hours)
The duration of Exam has also changed. Previous the entire exam period is 2:30 hrs so far. now an additional 15 minutes. Now, the entire exam period is 2:45 hours. It takes 2:30 hours to write the test, 10 minutes to read the questionnaire, 5 minutes to check the written answers.
1Write the test 2.30 Hours
2Read the question Paper 10 Minutes
3Check the written answers 5 Minutes
-Total2.45 Hours

Sections in AP SSC Question Paper:
The Tenth Class Question Paper is made up of four sections. It consists of 20 questions per 4 essays for 5 essay answer questions. 8 short answer questions followed by two marks of 16 marks each.
The 8 short answer questions are 8 marks each
1Section AVery Short
2Section BSimple
3Section CShort
4Section DEssay420

The 12 shortest answer questions are 6 marks per half. Bit paper is not separate. Bits are merged in Question Paper. A single booklet of 18 pages to be given to the students. Questionnaires and testing procedures will be made public for all concerned.

Two Papers in Each Subject of 10th Class:
These key changes in the tenth class examinations are being implemented from the current academic year. For each subject, 50 marks will be Paper-1 and 50 marks will be Paper-2. The pass marks will be taken together with two papers in each subject
1Paper I50 Marks
2Paper II50 Marks
The questionnaires will be designed to test the knowledge among the students.

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