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Twinning Of Schools Programme in TS Schools and Guidelines 2020

Twinning Of Schools Programme in TS Schools and Guidelines 2020: Samagra Shiksha (School Education), Telangana has given Guidelines for Implementation Of Twinning Of Schools Programme to Selected Schools in the State. The Objectives of Twinning Of Schools Programme and other details are provided below..

Twinning Of Schools Programme Objectives 
a. Capacity building
Twinning and partnerships can help strengthen the school staff and students involved through sharing or transfer of skills and knowledge.

b. Identification of best practices
Twinning and partnerships provide opportunities to identify ideas, approaches, techniques and methods that followed in visiting schools and which can be shared and serve as inspiration for new initiatives.

Twinning Of Schools Programme in TS Schools and Guidelines 2020

c. Added value, increased quality and effectiveness of school activities
Where the twinning and partnerships involve collaborating on a specific activity, it usually results in added value, more quality and effectiveness.

d. Broadening of horizons
Twinning and partnerships help school staff and learners to broaden their views and be more outward looking, to break down barriers, to understand local specific cultures and to learn about their strengths and weakness.

e. Relationship building
Twinning and partnerships can help build stronger relationships between student-student, student-teacher, and teacher-teacher of both schools.

f. Mobility of teachers and learners
Twinning and partnerships are useful when schools want to create opportunities for mobility of teachers and learners. A partner school can host teachers and learners and behavioral change among students

Guidelines For Twinning Of Schools (Patnership With  Schools) At Primary Level
• Conduct SMC meeting with parents of IV & V class students and resolutions to visit.
• Explain in SMC Meeting the purpose and use of Partnership with higher school.
• Obtain under taking /Acceptance letters from parents of IV & V Class students for visiting; if necessary take help of SMCs.
• Head masters of concerned Primary schools / U P Schools have to take prior permission of MEO and Head Master of visiting High School.
• Escort teacher and Students should reach the visiting school before 1st bell and they should stay until the long bell in the school.
• Prepare work sheets/Questionnaire for @ 5 students for 1 sheet about visiting School, which includes infrastructure, Human resources, Functioning of Laboratory, Library, Balasabha, Mass drill, Sports & Games, Best practices adopted by students and Teachers in the Institution.
• Divide entire strength into 5 groups and each group shall visit  each class i.e., VI to X and interact with teacher and students.
• In the last period Head Master should gather all the students and conduct interaction session to share their experiences with guest & host students of all classes. The escort teacher prepares report of their observations and submits to the School and MEO.
• IV and V Classes students are allowed for Twinning, for each 25 students one escort teacher and up to 50 students two teachers.

Role Of The Sectoral Officer II
• Sectoral Officer-II has to identify the Eligible Schools in the District for Twinning and execution of activity at District level. Furnish the list of Schools with UDISE and report on Twinning to the O/o SPO TSS.

Role Of Mandal Educational Officer
• Mandal Education Officer has to identify the Primary schools
with highest enrollment (3-5 schools) in the mandal and inform same to DPO SS.
• Inform Headmaster or SO concerned well in advance the date of Twinning by the students.
• After implementation of Twinning of schools in mandal, concerned H.M has to submit actual travel bills along with documentation to DPO SS.

Role Of Hosting School Head Master/Principal
• Provide opportunity to visiting school children to expose to
different activities practiced by host school.
• Provide opportunity to mingle with children to know themselves about school.

Role Of District Educational Officer
Select identify Primary schools with highest enrollment and submit same to State Project Director SS. Issue Guidelines and instructions to field level and follow the time line to implement Twinning of school in District. Submit the comprehensive report of District Twinning of school to State Project office Samagra Shiksha TS.


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