Modules and Hand books for Teachers

CCE Modules || Revised Text books Hand book || Upadhyayula Karadeepika || RTE 2009

Modules and Hand books for Teachers
The new textbooks are developed on the basis of the guiding principles of NCF 2005, RTE 2009 and SCF 2011. Textbooks are prepared based on the themes suggested by NCF. The new textbooks have been developed on constructivist paradigm where learner constructs the language by linking the classroom experience with the real life experience of outside the classroom. In order to ensure the holistic treatment of language certain discourses are identified for Primary and Upper Primary level classes with specific features or indicators. The entire classroom process is aimed at achieving the targeted discourses. A detailed transactional process has been suggested to achieve the discourses targeted in each class.
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This module contains the classroom transactional process for all classes, the identified discourses in each reading slot/segment, a detailed discourse process for oral and written discourses, classroom theatre, teacher development and CCE based model question papers. In addition to this a special package to bridging the gap is also included for acquiring the minimum competencies among the children in developing discourses like description, conversation and narrative or story before starting the transaction of units.

This module would certainly help the teachers to follow the transactional process in achieving the academic standards in all classes among all children. The SCERT AP Hyderabad appreciates the efforts of the members of the textbook development committee in developing this handbook for the benefit of the teachers.

1. RTE Act 2009-Quality Issues-Teachers Handbook Click here 
2. CCE General Module Click here 
3. PS Level Hand Book for Maths Teachers Click here 
4. Primary EVS Updhyayula Karadeepika Click here 
5. Primary Teacher’s Handbook on New English Textbooks of classes I to V 2013 Click here 
6. Primary Telugu Updhyayula Karadeepika : Click here 
7. Primary School Module in Urdu - Click here 
8. Hand Book of Educational Statistics : Click here 
9. Meena Prapancham 2013-14 - Teachers guidelines - Click here 
10. Meean Comic Books in English - Click here
11. Vindam Nerchukundam 2013-14 - Click here 
12. School Academic Calendar 2013-14 - Click here 
13. NCF 2005 English and Telugu - CLick here 
14. JBAR / School Health Program - Click here 
15. RTE Act 2009 English and Telugu - Click here 
16. UP Level  Hand Book for Maths Teachers - Click here
17. Maths Module  for UP level RP'S - Click here 

8th and 9th Class Modules(Hand Books)
1English(TM)Click here
2Hindi Click here
3MathsClick here
4ScienceClick here
5SocialClick here
6TeluguClick here
7Biology(EM)Click here
8Maths(EM)Click here
9Physics(EM)Click here

Download SSC 2014 New Text Books, Download SSC 2014 Model Papers and  Download SSC 2014 Teachers Hand Books/ Modules: Click here
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  1. Its been nice to see the model questions papers. I was going through the papers, i think the administrator did not go through all the spelling which been done while DTP. For eg., DYES wrtitten as DIES, FOLLOWING as FALLOWING more worst is DIAPHRAM AS DIAGRAM, SLOGANS AS SLOWGUNS
    I appreciate the Govt. Education Dept. trying to improve our education system with more logical reasoning, but simultaneously which consider spelling mistakes bore posting on web.

  2. I found hard to download teachers handbook for social class x 2015-2016..
    where on earth could be.....
    Any clues



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