National Voters Day Celebrations on 25th January and CEO AP Telangana Instructions

CEO AP Telangaan-National Voters Day(NVD) Celebrations

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State, Office of The Chief  Electoral Officer issued Memo.No.13114 in the Month of December, 2014 to all the District Election Officers in both states of AP and Telangana for NVD Celebrations on 25th January and Detailed instructions have been issued to above said officials.

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  1. Memo No:13114/Elecs.E/A2/2014-1; Dated: 12.12.2014; 
  2. Subject: NVD - Celebrations on account of National Voters' Day on 25th January, 2015 - Action to be taken by the District Election Officers - Detailed instructions - Issued - Regarding.
  3. Reference: From the ECI Letter No.491/NVD/2014.Vol.II, dt.10.12.2014.
We, the citizens of India, having abiding faith in democracy, hereby pledge to uphold the democratic traditions of our country and the dignity of free, fair and peaceful elections, and to vote in every election fearlessly and without being influenced by considerations of region, race, caste, community, language or any inducement.

AP Telangana CEO instructions on NVD Celebrations

A copy of the ECI letter second cited is sent herewith to all the District Election Officers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. All District Election Officers are aware that the Election Commission of India has decided to celebrate 25th January, its Foundation Day, as the National Voters Day every year, starting from 25th January, 2011, the concluding day of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of ECI. The Commission's objective is to increase the enrolment of voters, by using this occasion so as to make universal adult franchise a complete reality and, thereby, to enhance the quality of Indian democracy. The day will also be utilized to spread awareness among voters regarding effective participation in the electoral process.

The Commission in its letter cited has issued instructions on various activities to be undertaken in connection with celebrations of the National Voters' Day, 2015.

Activities Should be Conducted on National Voters Day
The following activities shall be undertaken in connection with the National Voters Day on 25.01.2015 by the respective Officers under the overall supervision of the DEO:

A. Booth Level
The Booth Level Officers (BLOs) in each polling station area shall felicitate the newly registered voters on 25th January, 2015 in a brief ceremony / public function to be arranged at each Polling Station Location. As prescribed by the Commission, a badge with its logo with the slogan "Proud to be a voter - Ready to vote" shall also be handed over by the BLOs to the new electors during the felicitation ceremony along with their EPIC. The DEOs would secure the venue and logistics required for the brief ceremony / public function at each polling station location. The badges will be supplied by this office.

B. Constituency Level:
The AEROs and EROs of the respective constituency shall  participate in the ceremony / public function of those Part(s) under their jurisdiction where largest number of newly registered electors would be felicitated. This function can be combined in respect of all the polling stations located within 2 km radius of the venue to achieve sigh level of impacts.

C. District Headquarters:
The DEO shall organize appropriate functions at the District headquarters, in association with Local bodies, Universities / Engineering Colleges and other academic institutions, civil society organizations. Youth Volunteers Associations like NSS, NCO, Scouts & Guides, NYKS, Media end Ex-servicemen etc. to popularize the electoral participation and voters' education. In the functions at the District Headquarters also, EPICs shall be distributed among new voters of the local polling stations combining within a radius of 2 km or so to achieve the high level of impact. it shall be ensured that the Chief Guest(s) hand over the EPICs to all newly registered voters (18+), whose Polling Station(s) are covered by the ceremony / function and electors are not made to walk a long distance for this purpose.

D. Representatives of all political parties shall be invited to the celebration of the NVD at every level in addition to other stake holders.

E. Deployment of dedicated staff at Mandal, Sub-division and District levels shall be undertaken with complete responsibility for guidance / coordination., for celebrations and reporting of all the NVD related activities effectively. SLOB shall be trained at the Mandal Headquarters Constituency level about their role for NVD activities by the Designated Officer / EROs/AEROs well in advance. Sensitization of the BLOs towards registration of women voters may be taken up during training.

F.  Special Camps:
Special camps shall be held with prior publicity to allow electors to surrender duplicate registration by filling Form-7. Separate Boxes may be kept in public places to facilitate electors to deposit to Form-6,Form-7 or Form - 8, Citizens may be encouraged to fill Part-4 while filling Form-6, to give details of their past registrations through proper dissemination of information in this regard.

G. "Young Voter's Festival" through Competitions:
 "Young Voter's Festival" through competitions in all Higher Secondary Schools and Higher Educational Institutions, i.e. Colleges, PG Centres and Universities shall be organized by DEO to serve as a build-up to NVD-2015.

  1. The competitions both at Junior Level and Senior Level will be Elocution, Painting / Drawing and Quiz competitions, which will be organized at Constituency, District and State Level on 18.01.2016, 21.01.2016 and 24.01.2016 respectively. 
  2. Rangoli competition, will be organized at Polling Station level on 25.01.2016.
  3. Attractive prizes will be given to the winners of the competition at constituency,  District and State levels.
  4. The District and State level winning entries (1st, 2nd & 3rd) will be showcased along with the photograph on CEOs website. Certificates shall also be awarded to all the winners.

H. Women centric activities:
Women centric activities shall be taken up to mobilize Women for registration. Special focus be made on newly married women for getting them registered at place of marriage and deletion of name from previous roll. AWW, ASHA and Women self help groups are to be engaged or capacity, city building.

I. Field level units of Information and Public Relations Department shall be engaged for audio-visual,, outdoor advertisement, Song & Drama,  Cultural troups etc. for environment building.

J. Chalking out specific programme activities to be undertaken by Civil Society Organizations, Schools/Colleges/Universities, reputed nonpolitical NGOs, Youth / Students Organizations like NCC, NSS, NYKS etc. to enhance the quality of Indian democracy duly convening the meeting by the District Election Officer well in advance and communicating minutes with details of programme activities.

K. Taking support of various media agencies to create awareness among all the electors commencing from lst January 2015 onwards on day to day basis. District Public Relation Officer should be made responsible for this media coverage.

L. Preparation of EPICs:
As it is decided to print EPICs with PVC and colour photograph, necessary instructions will be issued for preparation of EPICs after final publication of electoral rolls on 16.01.2016 for distribution to all the new voters at ceremony / public function at each Polling Station Location. The badges will be centrally printed at Hyderabad and supplied. The newly eligible electors to be given EPIC on NVD should have representation from all the sections of women, minority', tribal, physically challenged, transgender, other weaker sections eta. In case, any Polling Station Location is falling short of these categories of electors, under continuous updation, applications be invited and disposed of before 25.01.2016 so as to enable these newly enrolled electors to participate in the function on 25.01.2016.

M. Forms availability:
Issue of instructions to BLOs to keep forms 6, 7, 8 & 8A available st all the Polling Station Locations on 25.01.2016 for distribution and also collection of forms and photographs, whoever wants to submit applications with photographs during the NVD celebrations.

N. At least 10 citizens who are enrolled for the first time shall be felicitated on National Voters Day at each Polling Station Location;

O. Identifying and felicitating such veteran voters at the Assembly Constituency Level / District Level who have continuously participated in the Election Process as a voter eversince the fist elections conducted till date.

P. Distribution of EPICs:
Ensure that the EPICs issued on the National Voters Day to the voters through the Chief Guest(s) are error-free. The EPICs to be distributed should be thoroughly checked and prepared error free in all aspects viz., names in both the languages, address, date of birth etc. If any errors are found in the EPICs issued on the National Voters Day, it will attract the notice of print and electronic media that would cover the functions/ceremonies and thereby lot of criticism will come from the public besides creating very bad impression on erlre electoral administration. The Commission will take a serious view on the adverse items on the National Voters Day ceremonies.

Q. Organize human chain / rally / marathons:
Organize human chain / rally / marathons at Sub-Division and District Head Quarters on NVD in association with the NSS NCC NYKs etc. The DEOs shall take necessary action to provide required logistics to NCC cadets /NSS volunteers on the above day.

R. Activities:
The following activities shall also be tried out:

  1. To organize cultural programme / rallies with newly enrolled voters along with students / volunteers.
  2. Rolling Trophy to Village Organizations who enrolled cent percent electors.
  3. To involve Village Organizations at all locations for NVD celebrations
  4. To organize 2K / 3K Run with the help of NGOs / Industrial establishments and distribute T-Shirts / Caps to the participants with the funding from apolitical NGOs I industries etc.
  5. To present a Tableau on-Republic Day Parade on 26.01.2016 at District Headquarters.
  6. To honour the best BLO who had worked hard for enrolment at the District AC level functions
  7. To felicitate the Principals / Heads of Institutions who have enrolled cent percent eligible students of their institution during 2015-16 and deliver a Trophy at district level function.

Conduct of competitions
1. The students of Upper Primary Schools, High Schools and Intermediate shall be grouped as Junior level and the students from undergraduate level onwards shall be treated as Senior level;

2. Competitions for both junior and senior level students shall be conducted separately in three events each viz., Elocution, Quiz competition and Painting/Drawing;

3. Assembly Constituency wise competitions and District wise competitions shall be held on 18.01.2016 and 21.01.2016 respectively;

4. A.C. level Competitions shall be held at all Schools / Colleges / Universities by the Heads of the Institutions. They will evaluate the performance, award the marks for each entry, tabulate the names of participants and their scores, event wise and furnish along with the entry sheets to the respective Assistant Electoral Registration Officer (Tahsildar) / Electoral Registration Officer (Revenue Divisional Officer), whoever is in proximity;

5. On receipt of entries / tabulated scores from all the Schools/Colleges under the jurisdiction of an Assembly Constituency, the concerned ERO shall decide the winners by awarding first, second and third ranks for each event/category;

6. The lst, 2nd and 3rd place winners of all Assembly Constituency level competitions in the district shall be participating for district level competitions on 21.01.2016 at district headquarters. The District Election Officer concerned will organize these events;

7. The ls' place winners of district level competitions in each event / category shall be sent for State level competitions at Hyderabad on 24.01.2015 and prizes for State Level winners will be distributed during State Level NVD function at Ravindra Bharathi on 25.01.2016;
8. The DEOs shall send the participants to Hyderabad along with one responsible Officer as Caretaker to reach by 24.01.2016 morning. They have to stay in Hyderabad upto afternoon of 25.01.2016. Boarding and lodging facilities will be provided by the Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation & District Election Officer, Hyderabad.

9. The DEOs shall send the  list of participants for State level competitions and the Officer accompanying them to DEO.,  Hyderabad and this office by fax on 21.01.2016 for making. necessary arrangements.

10. The ERO / AERO shall organize the AC level competitions in close coordination with all the heads of Schools / Colleges / P.G.Centres / Universities under his / her jurisdiction;
11. The District Election Officer shall organize the District Level Competitions at District Headquarter. The time and venue of competitions shall be informed to all the participants well in advance;
12. The Commissioner, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation & District Election Officer, Hyderabad shall organize the State Level Competitions at Hyderabad. He should provide the boarding and lodging facilities to the participants of all competitions and their attendants (ie., 7 x 23 = 161 participants) and transportation for their participation in State Level function at Ravindra Bharathi on 25.01.2015;

13. The DEO, Hyderabad shall inform the boarding venue to all the DEOs in advance along with the contact details of the Coordinator;

14. Elocution Topics: In order to have uniformity in the topics for competitions all over the State, the topics for Elocution will be as below:
a) A.C. Level:
1. Juniors: Role of students in improving the quality of Indian Democracy.
2. Seniors: Role of Educational Institution in improving quality of Indian Democracy.

b) District Level:
1. Juniors: Expectations from the Representative of the People
2. Seniors: Judging the quality of Indian democracy

c) State Level
1. Juniors: Electoral Participation in Elections - How to strengthen
2. Seniors: General Elections, 2014 - Lessons to be learnt

The DEOs shall furnish the statistics of 18+ enrolled electors during the revision period and number of EPICs to be issued on 25.01.2016 to this office by 17.01.2016. Heads of Educational Institutions shall contact the ERO / AERO concerned for further instructions with regard to conduct of competitions and celebration of NVD.

The District Election Officers are informed that the NVD Badges, Certificates and other material will be supplied at appropriate time by the CEO's office as was done during NVD, 2015.

The District Election Officers shall report the compliance along with details of events held and photographs / video-clipping uploaded on web site. A detailed report with photographs / video clippings shall be sent to this office by the 15th of February, 2016 in the shape of booklet prepared by a Professional Agency. They are also requested to furnish the Assembly Constituency / DitriCt level winning entries in- each categoryand names and photographs of the winners, so as to showcase on CEO's website and to submit to the Election Commission of India. The report should be sent in hard copy as well as soft copy.

The District Election Officers shall also send the information in the enclosed NVD reporting format twice first report by 31.12.2015 and second by 02.02.2016, so as to furnish the consolidated information to the Commission and also to upload the same on ECI web site.
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