Telangana/TS Teachers Training Programs 2017 to Inservice Teachers

Telangana/TS Teachers Training Programs 2017 to Inservice Teachers: Primary Level TS Teachers Training, Secondary Level Teachers Training, TS Teachers Training Schedule. Telangana Director of School Education Department is going conduct training programmes to In-service teachers in the next academic year. These training programs will be conducted for Primary teachers, Upper Primary teachers, High Schools Teachers and English medium success schools teachers in selecting areas.

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RC No.107/C&T/SCERT/TS/2017, Dated:18-05-2017
Subject: School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad - Conduct of Teacher Training at State Level for DRPs at Primary Level from 23rd to 25th May, 2017 and Secondary Level from 27th to 30th May, 2017 at TSIPARD, TSCOB, Raiendra nagar, Hyderabad in residential mode - Relieving of identified DRPs for the training - Orders issued - Reg.

Reference: Proceedings Rc.No.107/C&T/SCERT/TS/2017, dl: 16.05.2017 from the C&DSE, TS, Hyderabad.

In continuation of the reference cited, to ensure quality of the training at Sub-District Level for Primary and Secondary Teachers, the DEOs, and the Principals of DIETs, CTEs, IASEs are requested to follow the following instructions.

With regard the Primary level and Secondary Level training at State, the allotment of DRPs has been revised keeping in view of the teachers working the district. Therefore, the DEOs are requested to identify and depute the teachers as indicated in the Annexure-I to the State Level training as per the schedule.

Teacher training venues
A. The venue for the Primary Level training in Maths and EVS is TSIPARD, Rajender Nagar, near NIRD, Hyderabad.

B.  In case of Secondary teacher training the venue for the following subjects is as follows:
Maths, Physical Science and Biological Science:
TSIPARD, Raiender Nagar, near NIRD, Hyderabad.
Social Studies: TSCOB, Rajender Nagar, Hyderabad near TSIPARD (Change in venue from TSIPARD to TSCOB, this may be informed to the participants).

Identification of venues for training at District/Sub-District Level for both Primary and for Upper Primary & Secondary teachers in the DIET/ IASE/ CTE/ KGBV/ TS Model School or any other institution with good facilities.

Communication of Training Schedule at Sub-district level/ Mandal level

Primary Level:
Spell -I - 1st to 3rd June, 2017
Spell -II - 4th to 6th June, 2017
Spell -III - 7th to 9th June, 2017

*Effort shall be made to complete the training by 11th June, 2017 covering all the subject teachers in the district.

*The schedule of trainings at Mandal level in Mathematics and EVS shall be commenced from 1st June onwards in parallel batches in different spells depending upon the availability of the participants.

*The number of DRPd for each batch @ 50 participants: 02

*A planning meeting before the commencement of the first spell shall be done on 31st May, 2017.

*The Course Directors for the said training programme at Mandal level shall be Principal/faculty of DIET, CTE, IASE participated at State Level training/ Nodal officer of the district/School Complex HM.

Secondary Level
1. The training for the UP teachers and Secondary Teachers in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Social studies shall be conducted at District level or by clustering of neighbouring Mandals.
2. The duration of the training programme of each spell 4 days
3. Conduct of trainings at Sub-district level from 2nd June, 2017, and planning meeting on 1st June, 2017

First spell: 2-5th June, 2017 in 2/3/4 Parallel batches
2nd spell: 6th-9th June, 2017 in 2/3/4 Parallel batches.

Training venue:
DIET/ CTE/ IASE/ TS Model School/ KGBV or any other school with good facilities.

Each batch @50 participants shall be handled by @3 DRPs, as the training is being conducted parallel sessions, the DRPs trained at State Level may be adjusted.

The services of SRGs and ORGs of other districts and faculty of DIET/IASE/CTE who are involved in training could be utilized for providing additional resource support for the conduct of trainings at the District Level/ Sub-District Level. Ensure that the trainings at Secondary level at sub district shall be completed within the stipulated period i.e. before 12th June, 2017.

• The Course Director at the District level/Sub District level: Principal of DIET/ CTE/ IASE or faculty member of concerned subject / Nodal officer of the District concerned.

• The DRPs shall be instructed to bring the following required information and material for the State Level training as a mandatory as indicated in the Annexure-I, vide Proceedings Rc.No.107/C&T/SCERT/TS/2017,  dt: 16.05.2017 issued from the C&DSE, TS, Hyderabad.

• Similarly the participants who will attend the training at Mandal level/sub-district level shall be Instructed to corne with the required information, relevant material and text books as a mandatory for the training programme.
TS Teachers Training Programmes Proceedings PDF file

Training programmes to In-service teachers
A. Primary teachers:
A 6-day programme on English language teaching learning process @ 3 days on classroom transaction for classes I and II 3-days for classes III to V.

B. Upper Primary and High Schools:
A 4-day training programme in all the subjects on following areas.
1. Content enrichment and clarification of doubts.
2. Classroom teaching learning process.
3. Assessment (CCE)- Focus On Formative and Sunmative Assessment and preparing question papers duly knowing the blueprint.
4. Co-curricular activities

C. Training to teachers working in English medium schools (Success Schools):
Separate training shall be organized for the teachers teaching English medium sections in High Schools. This will be on English language communication and subject.

D. Training will be on demand and based on needs of the teachers:
The trainings are being organized in a non serious way. Certain teachers are not interested to attend the training programme and says that they don't need training programmes. Therefore, willingness of the teachers to undergo training may be collected through MEOs and Dy.EOs. All the teachers will be informed about the contents of the training programme, venue, particulars of the RPs, training amounts etc. and requested for their willingness. Those who wants training alone can be invited for the training.
Training Program on Classroom teaching learning process, Assessment (CCE), Co-curricular activities, Content enrichment and clarification of doubts, English language communication, classroom transaction Training Programs to In-service TS Teachers 2016-2017


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