CCE New Grading Smart Table for Teachers

CCE New Grading Smart Tables for Teachers

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CCE New Grading Smart Table for Teachers
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Education has the prominent place in our constitution. It pays an important role in our life and our country's development. Keeping in view of above, Government established many schools, recruited teachers, supplied different TLM, providing many trainings to In Service Teachers etc., these are the one side of  a coin. But, A student who come out of a Institution after his schooling is unable to mould himself according to the situation, where he undergo in his daily life. This is why because lack of skills. He is not fit to mingle in the Society and his emotions, social life, physical, mental fitness are poor. This poor resemblance is due to the method which applied in school i.e., Chance to think, speak, Imagine and express his views in his way.

Teachers also expecting and working hard and making the students to work hard only to get marks where his capability knowledge measures by marks. After a wide According RTE Act 2009 A child comprehensive development responsibility is on school. He should develop physically, mentally, emotionally. This development should be evaluated regularly continuously and in every aspect i.e C.C.E

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
A child is evaluated in every aspect continuously i.e., Teacher evaluates curricular, Co-curricular activities, Subjects, Skills, Work, Values, Health are also given importance in this evaluation. In this evaluation, Teacher is guided by some grades to evaluate the children. A teacher is facing a little problem in this grade system because grading should be given in every aspect and every competency. If a given competency is of 10 or 20 marks he is very particular and familiar and raises no problem, work become earlier. But it is a some difficult task when the competency is given for 15, 35, 45 marks Teacher has to take much time to complete this task. Here is a simple thing here that any marks or score that is given, WE have divided it following way

CCE New Grading System
100 Marks5 Marks10 Marks15 Marks
91-100A+5A+10A+14 - 15A+
71-90A4A8 - 9A11 - 13A
51-70B+3B+6 - 7B+8 - 10B+
0-40C0-1C0-4C0- 6C

20 Marks25 Marks30 Marks35 Marks
19 - 20A+23 - 25 A+28 -30A+32-35A+
15 - 18A18 - 22 A22-27A25-31A
11 - 14B+13 - 17 B+16-21B+18-24B+
9 -10 B11- 12B13 -15B14-17B
0 - 8C0 -10C0-12C0-13C

40 Marks45 Marks50 Marks400 Marks

150 Marks200 Marks600 Marks700 Marks

Simplifying this, we have given to you a above table and provided here link for downloading. So please download it and use it and also forward to your friends.

1. CCE New Grading Smart Table (2.5 to 100 Marks with A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 D E Grades)
2. CCE New Grading Smart Table ( 5 to 700 Marks with A+ A B+ B C Grades)
3. CCE New Gradings for FA SA Marks(2O to 100 Marks with A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 D1 D2)
4. CCE Grades Table for 1 to 5th Classes(5 to 700 Marks with A+ A B+ B C Grades)

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