TS EAMCET 2019 Web based counseling, Web options Entering instructions

TS EAMCET 2019 Web based Counseling, Web Options Entering Instructions

TS EAMCET 2019 Certificate Verification Instructions have been issued for the Qualified Candidates. After completion of verification of certificates candidates should follow the instructions for entering the web options.

TS EAMCET 2019 Web based counseling-Web options Entering instructions

STAGE 4: Procedure to be followed for exercising options on web/Internet:
1. You can enter the options from home or from any internet cafe or from any Help Line Center with the help of your filled- in manual option form.
2. You must have already completed certificate verification(Stage 1 and Stage 2).

Steps to be followed in TS EAMCET Web Counselling
Step 1: Pay Processing Fee Online
Step 2: Slot Booking
Step 3: Attend Certificate Verification
Step 4: Candidates Registration
Step 5: Candidates Login for Option Entry
Step 6: Print List of Saved Options

Admissions Counselling Schedule:
Certificates verification, Web Options entry, Changes in Web Options, Seats allotment, Report in Colleges, Classes start dates ,...
TS EAMCET MPC Stream Admissions counselling schedule:
1. Online filing of Basic Information and Payment of Processing Fee (for those who did not pay in earlier phases): ..24-06-2019 to 01-07-2019
2. Certificate Verification (those who are not verified in earlier phases from Rank 1 to Last):27-06-2019 to 03-07-2019
3. Exercising Options after Certificate Verification: 01-07-2019 To 04-07-2019
4. Freezing of options: 04-07-2019
5. Allotment of seats will be placed in the website https://tseamcet.nic.in: 06-07-2019
6. Payment of Tuition Fee and self-reporting through website: 06 to 12-07-2019
7 Reporting at allotted college: 12-07-2019

TS EAMCET Admissions,Web Counseling,Certificate Verification Schedule
TS EAMCET Certificate Verification Instructions for Qualified Candidates
TS EAMCET Web based counseling-Web options Entering instructions

TS EAMCET 2019 Web Option Entering Instructions:
Steps to be followed for entering the options on web:
1. Entering the URL through internet
2. Generation of password
3. Option entry
4. Log out

STEP 1: Entering the URL through internet
1. Double click on (Internet Explorer).
2. Make sure that the computer which you are using contains windows 7 operating system Internet Explorer Version 9.0 or above.   It is possible to enter options only from such systems  having  above  versions. It  is  not  possible  to  enter  options on  Net  scape navigator, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox.
3. Please enter URL or Website address: https://tseamcet.nic.in  or as indicated in the notification.
4. You will find home page as shown below containing the links regarding the information such as counseling procedure, list of courses, list of help line centers, college profile, etc..

STEP 2: Generation of Password
Importance of Password:
1. Password is important and shall be held confidentially.  It is as important as the PIN of ATM card.
2. Do not reveal it to anybody as it might enable modification/tampering of data.
3. Password is essential for Candidates Login, Entry of options, Change of options, saving and deletion of options and for printing of allotment order.
4. Click  on  “Candidates Registration”  to  generate  the  password.    Enter  the  details Registration Number, Hall Ticket number , Rank, Date of birth [DD/MM/YYYY format] as printed on your Receipt of Certificate given to you after Certificate Verification.
5. Click on “Generate Password” button. The following screen appears.
6. In the “Password” box enter the ‘password’ (having a minimum of 8 characters length and maximum of 10 with at least one Numeral/Character for example TSEAMCET12, krish123, @#34BxMz56, 98765432H etc.)
7. Re-enter the same password at “Re-enter password” box.
8. Enter the mobile number that was provided at the time of certificate verification. In case you forget the password mobile number is compulsory to communicate the changed password.
9. Click on “Save Password” to save the password.
10. Click on “Log Out”. With this candidate’s registration is completed and you will come back to Home page.
11. You  can  change  your  password as  well  as  reset  the  password (in  case  forgotten) through Candidates login as explained in the following step.

STEP 3: Option Entry
Note: You are advised not to start entering options directly on the web without preparatory work in the manual option form at home, as you may commit mistakes.
1. After completing the candidates registration and generation of password, click on Candidates Login for exercising the options. The following screen appears. Login ID is a secret number that will be communicated to your registered mobile by SMS well in advance of   your option entry. In case you have not received your login ID or have forgotten it, you are advised to send an SMS from your registered mobile to 9731979899 in the format TSEAMCET01hallticket number after generating your password as explained in previous step. Example:    TSEAMCET 01 43632401.

2. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and are responsible for any harm resulting from your disclosure, or authorization of the disclosure of your password or from any person’s use of your password to gain access to your Login ID.  You will be solely responsible and liable for any activity that occurs under your Login ID.

3. To enter your option entry screen, enter in Login ID[communicated to your registered mobile by SMS],Hal Ticket No.,Password and Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) and click on Sign In. The following screen appears.

4. To make your options more secure, a One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile as soon as you entered this page after candidate’s login. Enter the OTP in the text box provided. Read the Declaration and click on Check Box  √   to confirm the same. Click on Click here for option entry.  Click on “Help Screen” will display the screen providing explanation about different Menu items present in the option entry form.

5. In case you need any explanation about different Menu items of the Option Entry form click on “Help Screen”. Read the explanation about various menu items, and then click the button “Click here to Enter Options”, it displays the screen with various districts along with check boxes.

6. If for certain technical reasons if a message appears “Error in sending OTP to your mobile” above the OTP entry box OR if OTP has been sent to your mobile but is not delivered, wait for 5 minutes and click on “CLICK HERE” to get a new OTP to your mobile.

7. Select one or more districts to display the Colleges in those districts.

8. Click on ‘Display Option Entry form‟ displays the screen for exercising the options.

9. In the Screen different colours are used for display of University Colleges, Girl Colleges,  and Minority institutions etc
10. Enter your EAMCET Hall ticket No. in the box provided.
11. By looking at already filled manual option form, enter the option numbers in the Boxes on the Screen against the College and course in which you are interested to join as shown above. WHILE FILLING THE OPTION FORM Click on Save  Options AT REGULAR INTERVALS.
12. Click on View and Print button helps you to see the saved options and take a print out of the same.
13. You can change your password if you wish so by using Change password Menu Button.

STEP 4: Logout
1. AFTER COMPLETION OF Option entry click on “Logout”, IT DISPLAYS AN ALERT MESSAGE  WITH  three  BUTTONS  "Save  and  Logout",  "Confirm  Logout"  and "Cancel Logout'.
2. Click on „Cancel Logout‟  retains the Options Entry Form for entry of some more options.
3. Click on “Save & Logout” button will save the options exercised up to that point of time and display the details of the options exercised.
4. Click on “Confirm Logout‟ button will directly display the details of the options saved up to that instant.
5. You are informed that, you can add, modify or delete the options any number of times within in stipulated time  by repeating the above mentioned four steps. The options recorded in the server on the last day will be frozen.  If you wish to change the frozen options once again, approach any one of help line centers on any one of the dates mentioned to modify your frozen options.  This is the final opportunity and after this no further changes can be done.  The Options recorded in the server on the last day will be taken for allotment of seats. You can take a printout of the options exercised.
6. After the option entry and Logout from the Option entry form, close the browser.

STAGE 5: Final Allotment of Seats
1. The allotments will be processed on the date mentioned in the notification based on merit, category, sex, Local area, special reservation category etc and will be placed in the web.  You have to download the allotment order through “Candidate Login”.

STAGE 6: Payment of Fees
1. Download the challan form for payment of  fee or collect it  from  helpline centre.  With downloaded allotment order you have to remit the fees in any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad in the State and obtain a receipt. However, if the fee to be paid indicated in the allotment order is zero, no challan will be available for downloading.

STAGE 7: Accepting of allotment:
1. Download allotment order through candidate login.
2. If the fee to be paid shown on the allotment order is zero, you can express your willingness to accept the allotment through a facility available in the candidate login. You can still participate in subsequent phase of counseling for a change of college or course subject to the conditions mentioned in the Table in stage 8 of this document.
a) If the fee to be paid is more than zero, download the challan and pay the amount through any branch of state bank of hyderabad. You can accept the allotment through candidates login or at any of the helpline centres. These candidates shall do so after 36 hours of paying the challan.

b) If you are satisfied with the allotted college, you can report at the college after this activity.
Reporting THROUGH SELF LOGIN OR AT HLC is mandatory for confirmation of your willingness to join at the allotted college. If you fail to report THROUGH SELF LOGIN OR at the hlc, it is construed that you are not interested in the allotted college and you will have no claim further on the allotment even if you paid the fee through challan. i.e., if you do not report THROUGH SELF LOGIN OR at the hlc for updation of your joining details within the stipulated date, the allotment will be cancelled and will be treated as vacancy for subsequent round of counseling if any.

STAGE 8: Participating in Subsequent Phase(s) of Counseling (if any):
1. If you have not participated in previous phase(s) of Counselling, you can participate as a fresh candidate by attending Certificate Verification at one of the HLCs.
2. If no seat is allotted in Previous Phase of Counselling, you can participate in subsequent phase(s) of counselling, provided you got your certificates verified at the HLC.
3. If a seat is allotted in previous phase of counselling, and you are not interested to join in the allotted college, you shall not report at the college/Pay the fee.   You are entitled to participate in the Web Counseling but will be eligible to join the New College/Course and will have no claim on the previous allotment.
4. If you paid the fee and reported at the college, you can participate in the subsequent phase(s) of Web Counseling.   If a seat is allotted as per your option, you shall move to the new allotment (College & Course) and will have no claim on the previous allotment (College & Course).

STAGE 9: Process of Withdrawal:
1. At the end of the Counselling process, still if you want to withdraw/cancel the allotted seat, you can do so before a stipulated cutoff date. Beyond this date, the Convenor will have no say on your admission and is left to the discretion of the Principal of the institution.

1. Keep three sets of xerox copies of all certificates.
2. Do not handover your original certificates or money to unauthorized persons.
3. Do not reveal your password to anybody including your friends,relatives or persons at hlc or persons at internet cafes. Enter the password in the system by yourself.
4. Do not believe the words of persons (middleman) assuring you to get a seat in a particular college  as  allotments will be done purely on merit.
5. Take the help of staff working at helpline centers in case of any assistance.
6. Close the internet browser after option entry and logout steps.

If you forget password what you have to do?
1. If you forgot password, click on the link forgot your password in Candidate’s Login and enter the Registration number, Rank, EAMCET Hall ticket number and date of Birth and mobile number which you have entered at the time of Candidate Registration. Now click on get new password. New password generated by computer will be sent to your mobile number or to your email.  After receiving the password you can use it for Option Entry.

Download TS EAMCET 2019 Web option Entering Instructions
TS EAMCET 2019 Certificate Verification Instructions

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