Rc.733 Use of Cell Phone is Prohibited in Telangana Educational Institutions

Use of Cell Phone is Prohibited in Educational Institutions

Deposit their mobile phones in the office room during the school hours: Rc.733 Use of Cell Phone is Prohibited in Telangana Educational Institutions: The Commissioner of School Education Telangana State issued proceedings Rc.No.733 on December 31, 2014 for implementation of Recommendations of the Committee relatlfrg to Safety and security of Women and Girts tn Telangana State. As per TS DSE,Rc.733 Dt:31-12-2014: Use of Cell phones(teachers&Students) in Educational Institutions is prohibited during working hours  due to the Security & Safety of women and Girls in Telangana. Teachers have to make arrangements to deposit their mobiles safely at Schools. This proceedings details as follows.

Use of Cell Phone is Prohibited, Not use Mobiles

DEO Mahabubabad Proc.Rc.No. 01/SSA/2016 Date: 30-10-2016: All the HMs shall instruct the teachers to deposit their mobile phones in the office room during the school hours as per the orders in force. Otherwise, disciplinary action will be initiated against the teachers who use mobile phones during instructional hours. But, the HMs may use the mobile phone for receiving and responding to official communication. However, they should not use the mobile phone in the class rooms during their teaching.

Lr.Rc.No.733/Plannings-1/2014-3, Dated:31-12-2014,

Subject: Implementation of Recommendations of the Committee relating to Safety and security of Women and Girts tn Telangana State.

All the RJDSEs / District Educational Officers are informed that, the Committee relating to Safety and security of Women and Girts in Telangana State has submitted certain recommendations to the Government one of the recommendations is to see that use of cell phone in educational Institutions is prohibited.

In View of the above the Regional Joint Director of School Educations and District Educational Officers in the state are directed to issue the following instructions to all the schools under all managements working under their jurisdictions.
l) Neither the teacher nor the student shall be permitted to carry cell phones / mobile tn the class room.
(2) All the schools - Managements shall make separate arrangements for depositing mobiles - phones either in the staff room or with the watchmen & Ward / Security.

Further, the staff of the Institutions may be directed to deposit the cell phones with head of institution during the working hours and it would be the responsibility of head of the institution to ensure this. The District Education Officers are also instructed to issue to all the educational Institutions to conduct the parents meeting on the above.

Therefore, all the Regional Joint Director of School Educations / District Educational Officers are requested to ensure adherence the institutions issue for strict implementation of recommendations of the committee for safety and security of women and girls in the school. They are requested to review the above items with the inspecting officer from time to time.

DEO Adilabad Proceedings on Don't use Cell Phone in Class Rooms
Rc.No.C5/Instructions to HMs/2015 Dated: 21 11.2015
Subject: School Education - Certain instructions to the Dy.EOs/MEOs/HMs of Secondary Schools working under all managements - Orders -Issued
Reference: Video Conference with DSE,TS,Hyderabad on 10-11-2015.

All the Head Masters of Secondary Schools,Mandal Educational Officers and Deputy Educational officers of this district are here by informed that there is a video conference held with the Director of school education ts,Hyderabad on 20.11.2015 he has issued certain instructions to all the District educational officers stating that it has come to the notice of the director of school education that the teachers all are using the cell phones during the working period of schools it causes inconvenience to the students and other teachers and to the classes and instructed to issue instructions to all the inspecting officers as well as headmasters of secondary schools to see that nobody should use the cell phone in the school premises during the school hours if any cases noticed the action will be initiated upon the concerned as per rules.

In this connection the Dy.Educational Officers / Mandal Educational Officers / Head Masters are informed to give instructions to the teachers Don't use cell phones in class rooms . Further they are informed to instruct all the teachers not to work in Private schools/Colleges / Tuition centers / Coaching centers. Any deviation in this matter will be viewed seriously. Rc.733 Copy


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